Ron Mexico and a Legion of Slapdicks

It doesn’t take a genius to know that the recent developments in the Mike Vick dogfighting case show that Mr. Mexico is a sick, disturbed, and seriously delluisonal person. The allegations that he is about to plead guilty to are about as disturbing and heinous as it gets.

But I’m not going to talk about Vick directly anyone and everyone with a blog could (and will) do that. I want to talk about some of the talking heads in the media and their commentary regarding the case.

Watched the Bears-Colts game last night (we’ll get to Sexy Rexy at another time). The pre-game show featured the ESPN NFL studio team, consisting of Chris Berman, Keyshawn Johnson, Tom Jackson, Bill Parcells, and Emmitt Smith. The talk turned to Vick, and with five relatively intelligent people on the set, not one called Vick’s actions “deplorable.” Not one called Vick’s actions “disgusting.” Not one denounced Vick and said they wished he would never play another down in the NFL.

Instead, they talked about what Mike needed to do to get back in the good graces of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. They expressed sorrow…….at what Vick has had to go through. They said that although he has made “a mistake,” Vick might come back and play receiver, running back, or defensive back in a couple years since he is such an outstanding athlete.

Say what you want about Michael Vick, he deserves it. He’s obviously a sick individual. But what he did was not ‘a mistake.’ This is a person who fought dogs, often until their death. He electrocuted dogs. He and his friends held dogs under water until they drowned. He tied up nooses on a tree, put them around an already injured pit bulls’ neck, pulled the noose tight and dropped them, often breaking their necks or suffocating them.

Meanwhile, the ESPN pre-game crew is worried that Vick will have a tough time getting back into the league. Here’s a quick request to Berman: instead of making up ridiculous nicknames for second-rate outfielders and cornerbacks, or screaming ‘back back back’ at every home run derby like you’re surprised that Ryan Howard hit a 60 mile per hour fastball out of the park, use some of your pull at the worldwide leader and stand up and say, ‘What Mike Vick did was deplorable and any discussion of his future as an NFL football player is disgraceful and totally missing of the point.’ Emmitt Smith should realize that as the NFL’s all-time leading rusher, he is someone who has a responsibility to not sound like a total moron, as he did when saying that ‘Vick is really going through a tough time right now.’ Johnson, Parcells, Jackson: do youselves a favor. Next time you discuss this issue on camera, think about the animals that were forced to breath in water until they died because Ron Mexico and his pals thought they weren’t good enough fighters to live. Then, if you think its cool, feel free to discuss whether or not he could make a good wide receiver in 2009.

Or just keep your mouth shut. That might be a better strategy.

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One Comment on “Ron Mexico and a Legion of Slapdicks”

  1. everyoneisonsteroids Says:

    maybe berman could just come up with a new nickname for vick.

    i am thinking…..

    michael ‘why cant you be more like your brother marcus’ vick

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