NFC East

I hate east coast teams. Well, not really the teams. The players don’t really bother me. Its the media coverage and the insane ‘we come first’ attitude of the fans of the teams that get to me. Yankee and Red Sox fans both suck dick. Thats right. Guess what, Beantowners? To everyone else in America, you and that guy from the Bronx that you hate–you’re indistinguishable. You both follow teams with ridiculous payrolls and although you’ve combined for one title since 2001, you both act as if your games are the only ones that matter.

Anyway, back to the preview. The NFC East has four teams which, by all accounts, are vastly overrated by the media. The Giants, Eagles, Cowboys, and Redskins get an wildly inproportionate amount of coverage if you think about this: the last time one of these teams won a title was 1995. 12 years since these four ‘powerhouses’ have won a title. Its been 16 years since anyone but the Cowboys won. So to even the playing field a bit, each team will get one sentance to preview its season.

Also, I’m lazy.

–Philadelphia Eagles: If McNabb or Westbrook get hurt again, this team is kaput. 11-5.

–Dallas Cowboys: I like Romo more than most, but Wade Phillips is a joke at head coach. 9-7.

–New York Giants: Eli is a bitch. 6-10.

–Washington Redskins: Their quarterback, running game, and wide receivers are all horrid. 6-10.

Now, to make up for my laziness, here’s a clip of Vida Guerra:

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One Comment on “NFC East”

  1. Emily Jansen Says:

    Seriously, why the fuck do we have to watch the mayors of these towns on talk shows and are supposed to know about who they are b/c they are east cost! And is the liking Roma more then most an IL thing too (though i guess I would fall into that cateogry myself)

    Have to agree bout the eagles!

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