the dave trembley era begins

the orioles extended their interim managers position to manager. he is signed through 2008. hey dave – i have one tip for you…..RUN!! in his welcoming party the rangers scored 30 runs? thats flippin ridicilous. whats even more impressive is they didnt score until the 4th inning. the orioles didnt run out of pitchers. they just threw em under the bus. actually, they only used 4 pitchers because they had to come back and play another game afterwards. perhaps they didnt get the memo that batting practice was earlier and they had 2 games today. who knows? the most runs scored in 110 years.

in other mlb news…..the dodgers scored 15 – but who really cares about 15?

brandon webb’s scoreless inning streak has ended at 42 innings. take a deep breath and relax orel. that 59 scoreless innings by a starting pitcher is really an underappreciated streak.

pujols continues his tear with his 5th homerun in 5 games

edgar renteria came off the dl for just one pitch after reactivating his ankle on a check swing.

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