NFC South Preview

Alright y’all lets get some jumbalaya, barbeque your ribs and do whatever you do to colligreens. Its time for some good ole southen cookin and lets preview the NFC South. Which is really just a division of two teams this year.

New Orleans Saints
The N’arlans Saints arent gonna run through the NFC with the same ease they did last year but with 4 games against the Falcons and Bucs on their schedule they will win this division with ease and possibly end up with the best record in the NFC. Perhaps that last game of the season in Chicago will still mean something for home field advantage. I think it will and I have the Saints losing to the Bears. As for the rest of the season, Drew Brees will continue his assault on the air and another year for Reggie Bush will only make him better. The duo of Bush and McAllister will rack up a lot of yards look for them to find paydirt many times this season. I look for them to put up similar offensive and defensive numbers as last year. However, these numbers will be watered down because of their division and look for them to struggle in the playoffs. I have the Saints going 10-6.

Carolina Panthers
Carolina’s number 7 defense last year couldn’t make up for their pathetic version of offense. Look for Dwayne Jarrett from USC to take a little bit of pressure and coverage from Steve Smith. Jake DelHomme should be able to hit one of those guys enough times to move the chains and take the team to a turnaround season of 9-7 and a good shot at the Wild Card. A lot is riding on the legs of DeShaun Foster (only 897 yards last year) and 2nd year DeAngelo Williams to at least be serviceable.

These last two teams are gonna be horrible….where do I even begin?

Tampa Bay Bucaneers
Who is their starting quarterback? They may have a lot of choices but none of em are very good. I expect Cadillac to have a much better season last year and he may even triple his touch down numbers this year up to 3!! Come on you gotta have more touchdowns than fumbles!! This being said watch for the Bucs to stumble into this season and fumble their way out of it with a 5-11 record.

Atlanta Falcons
Did you know Michael Vick got into a little trouble this offseason? Neither did I guess he might not be playing much football unless Nelly shows up in prison to help them win against the security guards like he did in the remake of Longest Yard. Interestingly enough Pacman Jones actually blames the Las Vegas strip slub incident on Nelly? I guess Nelly was throwing Pacman’s money on stage and the strippers were fighting over it. Maybe this scenario is actually plausible. Oh yeah I was supposed to be talking about the Falcons; well just like me they will be distracted and not enough talent. They will be lucky to get to 4-12.

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One Comment on “NFC South Preview”

  1. OMAR Says:

    The Falcons have one of the strongest running games in the NFL, and a new head coach who’s a gifted play caller. Harrington may not have done well in Detroit or Miami, but crappy offensive lines may have played a small part in that.
    8 or 9 wins is more likely than 4.

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