AFC East

The AFC East has two great defenses and one great quarterback so I think New England will take the Division but look for the Dolphins D to carry them to double-digit wins. Bill “My other hoody is in the dryer” Bilechick will guide Baby Daddy Brady to the playoffs and a lot further but we will wait for my predictions on that.

New England Patriots
Tom “Baby Daddy” Brady and his corps of receivers will do just fine on offense again this year…with or without Mr. Moss and his hammy. Brady spreads the ball around enough that it wont be the deal breaker or maker its being made out to be. He has done just fine without him the past 6 seasons. Look for Wes Welker to have a big season. Yeah you heard it at everything’s coming up millhouse first – LOOK OUT FOR WES WELKER (all 69 inches of him)!! Asante Samuel is back in camp with his league leading 10 interceptions. Bill Belichick stuck with defense on the draft and look for him to keep plugging in unknown players and watching them play above themselves and keep this d at least as good as 6 where they ranked overall for 2006. The Patriots will take the division with an 11-5 record.

Miami Dolphins
Trent Green should have a chip on his shoulder about the way he lost his job to injury in Kansas City. Something that is pretty much unheard of in the NFL. Unlike his time in Kansas City Green will not have to score 40 points and pray they get the ball last to win. Miami’s defense is stellar full of studs that can stop the run and protect against the pass. If they could force a few more interceptions and keep up stripping the ball…watch out! They will be the best defense in the league. Everyone in the league knows how great Jason Taylor is and there haven’t been any reasons to expect anything less. Look for Green to do everything in his 37 year-old body to prove the Chiefs wrong. Wait did I do the math right? Born in 1970….1….2….3….carry the one and divide the remainder— HOLY SHIT!! He is 37! I still think he is a good quarterback though. With guys like Marty Booker, Chris Chambers, rookie Ted Ginn, Jr and Az-Zahir “Fair Catch and Fumble” Hakim – Trent Green’s mission is gonna be a little harder in the sunshine state but he is up to it. He inflated old man Kennison’s stats for years. Ronnie Brown broke the 1000-yard mark last year and look for more of the same from him this year. The Dolphins come back strong this year and put up a 10-6 record. Oh yeah – I went there!

New York Jets
J-E-T-S!! Jets! Jets! Jets!! No I am not a big Jets fan I just love that cheer and cant help myself. In the AFC last year the Jets were 9th against the pass and 11th against the run don’t look for them to improve much here or anywhere else. The Jets didn’t have a draft pick in the 3rd, 4th or 5th round. They did pick up Thomas Jones in the offseason which will improve their offense. However, I think they were overperforming last year and they go back to their losing ways at 7-9. Made the playoffs in 2002, missed in 2003, made in 2004, missed in 2005, made in 2006 – Miss in 2007!

Buffalo Bills
Marshawn Lynch out of California will be making his debut in Buffalo and I expect him to be lighting up defenses in any weather. I also think Lee Evans will step up and be better than in past years. He will Losman’s number one target and look for his touchdowns to go up from 8 into double digits this year as Peerless Price’s number continue to dwindle. However Lee and Lynch may be the only highlights for Bills fans in a division with two great defenses. They will fall to 5-11.

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