if it’s brown – flush it down! No! No! let’s sell it on the internet!

Who’s poop do you want to buy? Burt Reynolds, Jack Black, Mike Tyson or my personal favorite Mick Foley.

i want this man’s poop displayed on my mantle! and now i can get it!!! at celebrity skin you can now complete your collection with fecal matter, urine, bacteria, saliva and skin cells from famous and somewhat famous people.

if you wanna go for the trifecta you can get Mike Tyson’s fecal matter, bacteria and skin cells for the low low price of $50.50! wow at that price who wouldnt buy this shit? literally!

the website says their specimens were collected and are being sold by anonymous personal assistants. what do these people have them doing? do they have personals assistants so they can crap in their hands or are they just wiping their ass for them – either way thats the life i wanna live…forget the golden shitter – i wanna do my business in someone’s hand!

if you go to their FAQ – you will assured that what you are getting is legit apparently they have diaper wearing guys from NASA analyzing their shit…..

“All our specimens are tested by experienced body-fluid identification technicians at the Allamas Biological Research Facility in Greeley Colorado and cross-referenced hospital birth records and blood analysis from the Red Cross. As a last resort, we will attempt to verify our specimens by comparing our test results to various body-fluid tests conducted during periods of the individual’s incarceration, if available. Each specimen comes with a certificate of authenticity. We ensure our customers will receive a quality product.”

this cant be legal! but wait it is!!

Yes. Federal laws simply require that our samples not create an immediate threat of injury or disease propagation. Our fecal matter, urine, saliva, and sweat specimens are hermetically sealed in unbreakable plastic containers to prevent any unwanted personal injury. Bacteria and skin cells are sealed within heavy-duty glass microscope slides.

sorry guys no returns! its your shit – deal with it!

so for about 3o bucks you can get mike tyson’s poo and display in a clear canister about the size of a film canister. but hurry up – i am snatching this up by the butt-load!

do you think billy corgan’s next song might be about how depressed he is cause jack black’s poo is more than 3xs as expensive as his?

is it creepier that you can buy any of this or that most of the attractive women on here are sold out of their skin cells. is there a group of losers out there doing whatever they can to clone these women? come on this isnt wierd science!



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2 Comments on “if it’s brown – flush it down! No! No! let’s sell it on the internet!”

  1. pinkbelt Says:

    this is a joke….ain’t it?

  2. everythingscomingupmilhouse Says:

    no joke you can by celebrity poop online

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