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Quote for the Day

August 28, 2007

“This is a serious time. It’s tight. The Cardinals sneaked their way back into it. We have to be the loosest of the teams to play the best right now.”

– Cubs outfielder Jacque Jones.


Hey Jacque! What the hell does that even mean?


spoiler alert

August 28, 2007

in tonight’s series finale of ‘the bronx is burning’ on espn………THE YANKEES WILL WIN!!

that is all

AFC West

August 28, 2007

The AFC West is basically cut in half. The San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos are clearly the class of the division and will battle for the top spot not only in the West but also in the AFC. Meanwhile, Kansas City’s Chiefs will be happy to win 6 games or an Emmy for HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’, while the Oakland Raiders look to set the record for an abysmal offense paired with a terrific defense, previously set by the Illinois Fighting Illini of the early-90s. (See, that reference is horrible. First of all, who remembers how bad the Illini’s offense was back then? Also, why compare U of I’s squad from 20 years ago to the Raiders of today? I suck.)

Anyway, here is how I see the division breaking down:

–Denver Broncos: It seems like everyone and their momma likes the Super Chargers to win the West, which means I have to go against the grain and pick the Broncos. (more…)

AFC East

August 28, 2007

The AFC East has two great defenses and one great quarterback so I think New England will take the Division but look for the Dolphins D to carry them to double-digit wins. Bill “My other hoody is in the dryer” Bilechick will guide Baby Daddy Brady to the playoffs and a lot further but we will wait for my predictions on that.


A Very Sexy Post

August 27, 2007

I like making lists. Ironically, I hate list TV shows, like the “40 Greatest Fashion Crimes” or “101 Sexiest Goatees.” That shit seems arbitrary and weak. Unlike the list I am about to make.

A few years back I wrote a myspace blog (yes, myspace….fuck you) about ten women who I thought were the hottest. It got a lot of worldwide attention. (And by ‘worldwide attention’, I mean 4 or 5 friends commented on it.)

Well, I thought I would update the list. But this time, I will include my favorite picture of said person as a link. Maybe my blog partner in crime will follow up with his own list, although–outside of his current very hot girlfriend–he has horrible taste in women (he once told me Kirsten Dunst was hot).

10) Lindsay Lohan (more…)

AFC South

August 25, 2007

OK no bad southern accents for y’all this time. Alright – I’m done for serious this time. The AFC South is definitely on its way up with the reigning champs in Indy, Vince Young, the big defense of Jacksonville and the Texans are slowly putting together a team worth looking at every once in a while well at least reading the score on the ticker.

Indianapolis Colts
I think this Peyton Manning guy is pretty good and apparently Marvin Harrison can get his hands on a few balls for touchdowns. (more…)

what other people are talking about

August 25, 2007

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When I heard there was an op-ed that was written in a world ruled by dogs and Michael Vick was underperforming. I thought it was gonna be hilarious. It was just so-so. Orlando-Sentinel

It’s kinda like ‘Lord of the Flies’ but with perverts ballyblog