Final 2007 NFL predictions

NFC North–Chicago (2), Green Bay, Detroit, Minnesota
NFC South–New Orleans (3), Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa Bay
NFC East–Philadelphia (1), Dallas (5), NY Giants, Washington
NFC West–Seattle (4), St. Louis (6), Arizona, San Francisco

Playoffs–New Orleans over St. Louis, Dallas over Seattle, Philadelphia over Dallas, New Orleans over Chicago, Philadelphia over New Orleans

AFC North–Baltimore (3), Pittsburgh (6), Cincinnati, Cleveland
AFC South–Indianapolis (4), Jacksonville, Houston, Tennessee
AFC East–New England (2), NY Jets, Miami, Buffalo
AFC West–Denver (1), San Diego (5), Kansas City, Oakland

Playoffs–Baltimore over Pittsburgh, San Diego over Indianapolis, New England over Baltimore, San Diego over Denver, San Diego over New England

Super Bowl–San Diego 31, Philadelphia 24

NFL MVP–Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia
Offensive POY–LaDanian Tomlinson, San Diego
Defensive POY–Champ Bailey, Denver
Offensive ROY–Marshawn Lynch, Buffalo
Defensive ROY–LaRon Landry, Washington
Coach of the Year–Bobby Petrino, Atlanta

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One Comment on “Final 2007 NFL predictions”

  1. everyoneisonsteroids Says:

    what is donovan on like 10 of your 15 fantasy teams? you are crazy! there is no way this is happening.

    has mr. mcnabb starting giving you a reacharound and now he is #1 on your list?!

    bobby petrinio? – i havent thought about this award yet but i will let ya know he was way off my radar.

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