wow! that rick ankiel sure looks younger and chiseled

i am a little less shocked about the rick ankiel hgh story than i figured i would be. the truth is i suspect everyone these days. hell, my screenname is ‘everyoneisonsteroids’

– i had joked with my dad about the size of his head not too long ago. but i dont see anyone talking about placido polanco in this controversy and that man has the largest temples in all of sports. but i guess he was a cardinal too.

ever since i started hearing about HGH – i was under the assumption that it let you bench press 600 lbs and hit a baseball 500 feet. i guess i was wrong. slate put it better than i can what athletes dont understand about HGH

One quote from that story:

“Unlike steroids, growth hormone hasn’t been shown to increase weight-lifting ability; in the lab, it has a greater effect on muscle definitionstrength. And it doesn’t seem to help much with cardiovascular fitness, either”

The most information I found on the subject was its ‘fountain of youth’ effect. It doesn’t really make you get bigger and more muscle – but it defines the muscle you have. Looking better doesn’t seem to help you throw a better curveball. (which he was trying to do when these shipments were being received)

according to an article in the annals of internal medicine:

“Physiologic doses of growth hormone given for 6 months to healthy older men with well-preserved functional abilities increased lean tissue mass and decreased fat mass. Although body composition improved with growth hormone use, functional ability did not improve.”

Many Bloggers are using the Rodney Harrison (go leathernecks!) defense after Ankiel’s Tommy John surgery in July of 2003. The shipments were in 2004. The studies I found say the most significant benefit is in the 90-day range. Why wait til 2004?

“Both groups were equally fatigued at day 10 after surgery, but at day 30 and 90 the hGH patients were less fatigued than the placebo patients. During the treatment period, patients receiving hGH had reduced loss of limb lean tissue mass, and 3 months after surgery the hGH patients had regained more lean tissue mass than placebo patients.”

The DEA believes that HGH helps athletes gain an edge is ‘debatable

“Athletes also use it to improve their athletic performance, although the ability of hGH to increase athletic performance is debatable.”

I have learned quite a bit during this research. One thing I havent learned is why an athlete would do this for such marginal results other than retaining tissue mass and muscle after surgery. But, with such a long period of off-time after Tommy John surgery – why bother? But I guess if you can get a prescription and MLB hadnt banned it yet. I could see why you would.

Also, I have read the blogs about Ankiel being white and Bonds being black is the reason for the different reactions. But, I thought the Bonds controversy was all about the cream and the clear or was it flaxseed oil?

“Bonds testified he received and used clear and cream substances from his personal trainer, Greg Anderson, during the 2003 baseball season but was told they were nutritional supplement flaxseed oil and a rubbing balm for arthritis.”

So if the next chapter comes out saying he was getting steroids and the reaction is the same we can discuss that matter then.

Interesting facts to consider in this case:

1. It was when Ankiel was trying to comeback as a pitcher – not a hitter.

2. It had yet to be banned by MLB and the shipments ended before it was.

3. It didnt help him hit a 450 foot homerun in his final high school at bat.

4. In the summer after this he hit an upper deck homerun in the skydome in toronto.

5. Everyone Is On Steroids. Plain and simple.

For more of those check out Bernie Micklasz’ blog from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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One Comment on “wow! that rick ankiel sure looks younger and chiseled”

  1. Frankie Says:

    They all use steroids and other doping products.

    No exceptions.

    Short stops to slugger dope. All must recovery fast and build stregth for different jobs:

    slugging (NFL power burst)
    pitching (endurance, starting or middle or closing)
    playing defense (sprinting, diving, etc…_

    Being fresh and fast is what steroid are all about.

    Ask Nike’s Lance Phamrstrong–besides steroids he also used cow blood transfusions and Cancer drugs to win the Tour. LIVE WRONG!

    All TV athletes use drugs. That was why Disney-ESPN’s George J. Mitchell was named steroid auditor—Mitchell was Chairman of Disney ESPN 2004-2006 and sat on the BOD of the Red Sox & Marlins.

    High school teens can buy steroids–but Mitchell can’t find drugs in his own MLB backyard.

    MLB = WWE

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