Way to be Original, Mark Kriegel

In his game recap for Fox Sports, columnist Mark Kriegel made the observation that the Bears would have won the game if not for the efforts of quarterback Rex Grossman.

Wow. A columnist blames the entire loss on the quarterback. How original.

Lets break Mark’s column down:

The difference [between the two teams is] at quarterback, where LaDainian Tomlinson proved way more effective than Rex Grossman.

Yeah. Throwing one pass which caught the Bear defense off-guard means LT’s a better quarterback than Rex Grossman. Using that logic, Cedric Benson (46 yards) is a better running back than Tomlinson (25 yards).

OK, so maybe that quote was taken out of context. Of course Kriegel realizes that Tomlinson isn’t really a better quarterback than Grossman.

[Grossman’s] 2007 quarterback rating is 53.7, which is lower than the incredibly low 68.3 he received as a grade in Super Bowl XLI.

I’m not pretending that Grossman played a good game Sunday. Or that he played a fantastic game in the Super Bowl. But he wasn’t going up against the little sisters of the poor yesterday. That Charger defense is pretty damn solid. And its not as if Rex had a lot of help. The Bears averaged just above 3 yards per rush. Rex’s lone interception was not his fault, as Bernard Berrian ran the wrong route on a long pass. And Rex did fumble, but it was recovered by a teammate.

Also, last time I checked, but a 68.3 quarterback rating isn’t good, but its far from ‘incredibly low’. I believe the NFL average from 2006 is somewhere in the mid-70s.

The Bears still look like a Super Bowl team lacking a Super Bowl quarterback.

This quote probably makes my blood boil the most. What is a ‘Super Bowl quarterback’? Is Dan Marino a Super Bowl quarterback? He made as many in his career as Rex. One. Wouldn’t the definition of a Super Bowl quarterback be a quarterback who, I don’t know, MADE THE SUPER BOWL? And in case folks didn’t watch the Super Bowl, Rex had a few bad turnovers. But the defense got torched and the Bears were beat by a better team. If ‘good Rex’ had played that game, they still lose. So if Rex would have gone 25-for-30 for 280 yards and 2 touchdowns in the Super Bowl and the Bears lost, does that mean Rex is a Super Bowl quarterback? So you’re telling me that Trent Dilfer is a Super Bowl quarterback because he played with a defense that absolutely dominated their opponent but Rex isn’t because his defense stunk? Give me a break.

His running back, Cedric Benson, fumbled early in the third quarter. The Chargers recovered a punt that glanced off the Bears’ Brandon McGowan. Then there was the interception. With Chicago at the San Diego 32, Grossman threw deep for Bernard Berrian, only to have the ball land safely in the arms of safety Marlon McCree. Berrian didn’t even look back for the ball.

Ok, so if all these things happened outside of Rex’s control, how was this loss Rex’s fault? Explain this to me. There were four turnovers, none of which were Rex’s fault. The Bears couldn’t do anything in the running game. Protection when he did go back to pass was spotty at best.

I understand the easy thing to do, as a national columnist, is to see a box score and decide to write the ‘Rex stinks’ column. Shoot, unless the Bears lose 41-38, you could write that column before the game even starts (cough, cough).

But try watching the game. Watch the dominance of that Charger defense yesterday and tell me what quarterback, outside of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and maybe Carson Palmer, would of lit the Chargers up yesterday? Even Drew Brees, a pretty damn good quarterback, looked bad this week–and he played the Colts defense, which isn’t quite as good as San Diego’s. So does that mean the Saints need a ‘Super Bowl quarterback’? Please, that would be ridiculous. So is blaming this game on Rex.

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2 Comments on “Way to be Original, Mark Kriegel”

  1. SmushBarkley Says:

    I got into a fight with a family member over this. What do people want from Rex? They played the Chargers! For Rex to have gotten any kind of positive press, he would have had to be Tom Brady out there, and he isn’t tom brady, nor is he one of the two other so called ‘elite’ QBs in the league according to the press, Manning or Palmer. He’s a C+ student, with flashes of B+ every so often. But there are a ton of teams with C+ QBs who don’t have our offensive and defensive weapons at their disposal. Perhaps it is just that it is always en vogue to complain about the QB, but how can you whine about a guy who took you to the superbowl? If he was as abyssmal as people make him out to be, we would never have gotten there.

  2. Jim Says:

    Agreed, Smush. Thanks for the read and the comment.

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