Ozzie Signed Through 2012

Any Sox fans that disagree with this recently announced move obviously are either too young to remember Terry Bevington and Jerry Manuel or think that one losing season in four is enough to fire a big league manager.

I’m sure Jay ‘The Joke’ Mariotti will write a column blasting this move tomorrow, so I’ll write an answer to that when it comes out.

But as a Sox fan, I would like to say congratulations to Ozzie, and allow me to speak for the sane White Sox fans: We love ya Ozzie, please stick around until you can’t take it anymore. You’re ten times better than any other manager we’ve had in over a decade. And to Kenny: Thanks again. You’ve made another bold move doing what you thought was best for the ChiSox organization. True Sox fans back you, not because we’re drinking White Sox Kool-Aid, but because we’ll take a GM who isn’t afraid to take chances and make moves over someone who stands pat year after year as the team finishes second or third place (Ron Schueler).

Back tomorrow.

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