Random Observations after Going to a Bears Game

  • Devin Hester is the most exciting Bears player since Walter Payton. I have no idea why any NFL coach would EVER kick him the ball. Maybe you want to kick him the ball once, to see how things go. Like the Colts did last year. But I have no clue how you can kick him the ball, watch him run through your special teams, then continue to kick him the ball. Herman Edwards watched Hester bring back a 73-yard punt in the early 2nd quarter, then kicked to him about 5 or 6 more times. Hester was one broken tackle and one block in the back penalty from three kick returns for touchdowns. Three. In one game. If I’m Dallas next week, I’ll kick it out of bounds on kickoffs and let the Bears putrid offense try from the 40 every time. And on punts, I’d never kick to him. Ever.
  • Herman Edwards is a horrible NFL coach. If he had some balls and didn’t call draw plays on every 3rd and more than 6, the Chiefs might have had a chance to score more than 10 points. Also, if he had kicked away from Hester during the game, the score is probably 10-10.
  • I’m a Rex backer. And yes, the offensive line has stunk and the receivers are bad. But he has sucked for two straight weeks. The two interceptions he threw yesterday were atrocious. Even with guys in his face all day and bad receivers, Rex has to control the ball.
  • On the other hand, Rex cannot win with Bears fans unless he goes 25-for-28 with 410 yards and 5 touchdowns. After throwing his second interception yesterday, Rex had a couple plays were his receivers were totally covered, and instead of trying to force the ball in, he threw it away. Which is what you’re supposed to do up 10 with 4 minutes left. But when he does, the crows goes nuts and boos thinking he was trying to throw it to the receiver but just missed because he sucks. So if he tries to make plays and force the pass in, he sucks. If he plays it safe and throws it away, he sucks. My fellow Bears fans, on the whole, are not smart. That being said, Rex has to be smarter. With the defense and Hester, all he has to do is be careful.
  • I can’t do 8 hours of tailgating anymore. We got there at 730 am for a 315 pm start. Thats just too much. It was a great day. 70 degrees, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. But I woke up sore today. It was like I played the game. From now on, only 2 or 3 hours of tailgating is fine.
  • Unless the offense can take care of the ball and they get pressure on Tony Romo, the Cowboys are going to beat the Bears next week.
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2 Comments on “Random Observations after Going to a Bears Game”

  1. H.Q. Pennipakker Says:

    1. Rex has tunnel vision. That’s my problem with the kid. He sits there in the pocket oblivious to the pass rush and teams with better defensive ends are coming after him like a rejuvinated pit bull going after Ron Mexico.

    2. For people who still smoke weed: Light up a joint and watch Herm on Hard Knocks. Goooood comedy. The guy needs to bring in Flavor Flav for clock management; he’d have half a chance.

    3. Even though Benson had somewhat of a solid game, I’m still convinced that the Bears made a mistake trading Jones.

    4. Robbie Gould is one smiley bastard

    5. Adrian Peterson must have lost a chromosome at some point in his football career. I’ve always said God don’t make ugly but I’m willing to accept a good argument.

    6. October Gonzalez may be the hottest NFL wife that there is. Wow.

    7. My cat’s breath smells like catfood.

    8. What’s so distressing about the inconsistency of the Bears is that the Packers are once again looking like a solid contender to win the division. Granted this is only week two but nothing will make me want to vomit more than hearing the media drool over Favre’s nutsack for another year.

    9. What in the name of our Lord and Savior happened to the Cincinnati defense yesterday?

    10. And where the hell was I?


  2. 1. from my short time at the bears tailgating i have found out that there is more cornholing going on sundays in the downtown than a friday night on halsted street. seriously there are 2 games of cornhole for every 1 person. how is that even possible?

    2. i bent my wookie

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