hot reporter chicks

Its time for a new list from the guys at everythings coming up milhouse. We’ve done the overall top ten hot chicks and the ten hottest women in sports. Now we’re going to focus on the attractiveness of the sideline reporters, anchors, journalists and pseudo-journalists. Here we go.

10) Michelle Bonner–Apparently Bonner started work with ESPN two years ago after working for CNN. Its hard to come up with 10 hot anchors and sideline reporters, so Bonner gets the number 10 slot despite this being the only picture we could find of her. She seems pretty decent.

9) Rachel Nichols–Rachel seems dirty. She’s always got a little smirk on her face, like the chick at the party in college who your buddy just nailed the night before but is now looking at you like you’re George Clooney. And lets face it, you’re no George Clooney. Nichols is also a ‘two-face’; sometimes she looks relaly good, sometimes she looks like a gremlin. (Shout out to Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld for the creation of the term ‘two-face’).

8) Suzy Kolber–Suzy is a blog favorite. Just go to the very well-written and hilarious kissmesuzy.blogspot blog. She has proven to handle herself well in the face of a 60 year old drunk trying to make out with her on national television. She’s kind of MILF-ish as well.

7) Beano Cook–Seriously. Look at him. What a beast.

6) Sam Ryan–Now we’re getting into the nitty gritty, the real hotties. Sam Ryan is definitely that. She may not get the pub of other girls on this list, but this ESPN personality is definitely hot.

5) Bonnie Bernstein–Bonnie likes two dicks at once. Look how good she is with kids:

She’s pretty damn hot, and she’s Irish, so that’s sweet.

4) Alex Flanagan–I first noticed Alex doing a bowl game a few years ago. She’ s pretty hot.

No, not the ole’ ball coach. The chick. Click clack.

3) Melissa Stark–Melissa was the reigning champ for a long time, but has since retired to bake cookies or get knocked up or some stupid shit. Its a shame, because the world has plenty of moms; we have hardly any hot blondes with nice racks who talk about football.

Yeah, thats it. Get dressed up for daddy.

2) Pam Oliver–Pam is sexy as hell and it seems, somewhat feisty. Also, it seems she is big through the hips. As anyone who knows me realizes, if a girl has some room to play in the backyard but can remain relatively fit, you’re aces in my book. Pam accomplishes that.

If you do an google search for Pam, there are a few pics of her from behind. Unfortunately, I can only link to one here. She’s fantastic. If you’re not a big butt afficianado (sp?), you might only think she’s decent and not worthy of number two. Thats fine–get your own fuckin blog tho.

1) Erin Andrews–I mean, who did you think it would be? She’s just the tops. And she knows it, too. Yum.

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3 Comments on “hot reporter chicks”

  1. i miss melissa stark.

    i used to yell at her from the sidelines at mnf games in st louis.

  2. Darvin Ham loves Kevin Bacon Says:

    You should have Rachel Nichols higher on this list. She’s niiiiiiiiice. Almost as nice as yo mammy! ktch!

  3. emmettjones Says:

    Pretty nice blog you have over here. The writing is good, the topics are good…and best of all, you recognize Pam Oliver’s booty. that’s a win-win in my book. I’ll be sure to add this to my blog list

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