lets keep it real sexy fellas…..thats my dawgs

Esquire magazine named Charlize Theron the sexiest woman alive this month. No offense to Charlize; she’s way hot. And I realize the point of these ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ things is to spark conversation and sell magazines. And usually I agree with Esquire (last year was Scarlett; the year before was Jessica Biel, I believe).

I have already ran down my top ten, which you can find somewhere on this blog. (If you haven’t read it and want to read it, go look for it, fools). But this entry serves two purposes: to update the site and to give Sarah Shahi the pub she richly deserves.

Is she the hottest chick alive. I don’t know. But I recently was reminded how hot she was, so I wanted to provide some links of Sarah. So here’s a Wednesday sampling of Sarah Shahi:

I could go on all day. Thank you for being so hot, Sarah.


PS–Sarah was on the ‘L Word’ show, so if you go to youtube I’m pretty sure you can find video of her in sex scenes with chicks. So you got that going for you. Which is nice.

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