Lets take a trip over to Bill Simmons’ new “mailbag” (in which–this week–he answers his own questions). Here’s one:

Q: Are you crazy? Seriously, are you crazy? Did you just advocate in a column on the biggest sports Web site that Seattle fans should pick a home game, then agree collectively to walk onto the court in a nonviolent, nonaggressive protest between the third and fourth quarters? Do you realize that one drunk fan could start a riot by shoving a security guard or something? Do you realize how scared the players would be? Do you realize how much security we’d need to have there? Call this off or I’m sending Bennett Salvatore and Bob Delaney to your house to rough you up. I mean it. Call it off. Don’t test me unless you want to wake up with Rajon Rondo’s head in your bed.
–D.S., New York City

SG: In all seriousness, the more I’m thinking about it, too many things could go wrong with hundreds of Sonics fans walking onto the court during an NBA game. Even if one fan screwed the whole thing up, that would defeat the purpose of the protest and potentially hurt the cause. It’s just too risky.

First, let me first give Bill a lot of kudos for coming out immediately and admitting this wasn’t his best idea. Second, I truly admire that he continues to be one of the few national media members to shine a light on one of the biggest injustices on a fanbase in sports history. Finally, unlike some other blog writers, I believe Simmons is still entertaining, especially since he is now somewhat removed from the Red Sox and Patriots.

But the real point of this post is to say ‘Ha’ and ‘Go fuck yourself’ to all those first-time commenters who disagreed with my assessment of Simmons’ plan as idiotic and highly irresponsible in this post. I was even called a hack and was accused of simply writing about this topic (Simmons) to stir up traffic on my site. Yes, that was my plan. In the 6 months I’ve been writing this blog, that was the first time I have mentioned Simmons. Then, one day, I decided that I would rip into an established columnist just so I could get some hits on a website I work on for five hours a week, max. Clearly a plea for stirring traffic.

(Besides, my plan for stirring up traffic was submitting the link to Deadspin. And they linked to it!!! So suck on that, haters!)

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7 Comments on “Hmmm…..”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Awesome, great way to build a base of readers, tell them to go fuck themselves. Thanks, sport.

  2. Ryan, let me explain some things. For the second time. I am not ‘trying’ to build a base of readers. If you like my stuff, great, keep coming back. But Im not doing this blog to build an empire. Thats not realistic. Im doing it for fun and to contribute to the ever-expanding anti-mainstream media thing the blogosphere has built. If a big readership comes along with that, thats great. But I am not counting on that.

    Secondly, if you were offended by me saying ‘Go fuck yourself’ in this post, I don’t want you to read my blog, because you have no sense of humor. Youre probably the same type of person that called me a hack on my first Simmons post, even tho Simmons came back and verified my thoughts himself. So go read a blog that spreads nothing but love to all of its readers. Theres gotta be one out there. Somewhere.

  3. Graig Says:


  4. nowwatchmejock Says:

    Thanks graig….I will.

  5. Ryan Says:

    I made a coherent point, go back and read it. I never called you a hack, nor did I claim you used Simmons’ name to generate traffic. I wanted to know why you chose to insult an original idea rather than present one that you thought was better. Instead of responding maturely, you decided to tell off those who don’t find your ideas intruiging.

    I’m glad you aren’t concerned with building a base of readers, because it ain’t happening, chief. If contributing “to the ever-expanding anti-mainstream media thing the blogosphere has built” excludes opposing ideas and includes insulting those who do wish to find relevant info, then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate where exactly this “blogosphere” is headed.

    And by the way, I can also be mature and swear. Pooh.

  6. nowwatchmejock Says:

    Ryan, feel free to post your blog’s address and I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks for your input. Chief.

  7. this ryan character appears to be somewhat of a douche!

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