About NWMJ

Nowwatchmejock is written by hardawayhatesyou and Gabe Ruth, two cousins from the Chicago area.

The two are huge fans of Chicago sports, with a focus on Chicago Bears football, for which they are season ticket holders. However, they also follow other teams in the city as well as national stories in the 3 major leagues (no, not hockey).

HHY previously wrote for everythingscomingupmilhouse, a blog about sports and women. Gabe Ruth previously wrote shopping lists and ransom notes. However, he is keenly talented and overwhelmingly handsome. He also steals lines from Superbad because he’s not really funny without them.

Our sports blog influences include deadspin, withleather, and kissing suzy kolber. In fact, hardawayhatesyou is a regular commenter on withleather. That and 50 cents will get you a newspaper.

If you like our writing but hate sports, check out http://www.idontknowmuch.com. Its an entertainment blog written by the same two guys.


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