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thank you bulls for freeing the headband

October 2, 2007

Head-Banned? No Longer – Just Headband!!

i have a strange obsession with headbands. i have an orange one that i have been wearing since i went to the final four in st. louis when dee brown and deron williams were leading the illini. my friends that night couldnt stop making fun of me when they saw me wearing it. their opinion slowly changed as people were offering me twenties to sell them the headband. i refused. i wear it whenever i go snowboarding and always have women come up and compliment me. so i am never gonna stop wearing it and you guys will never stop hating on me.

finally the bulls have come to my side and are gonna allow big ben wallace to wear the headband. sort-of. the bulls still have a ‘no headband’ rule for their players. however, there is now a big ben clause to that rule. the bulls left it up to the players to allow mr. wallace to wear his signature headband and since they are not idiots – they decided to let him wear it.

the headband gathered national attention last year when it was worn and ben wallace was benched for violating a team rule. i always found it ironic that in the ads around chicago for the bulls ben was always wearing the headband. the lack of the headband contributed to a lack of production for the playoffs. the headband would have been a huge factor and its importance has not been discussed enough.

“Hopefully, that will translate into more blocked shots, more rebounds and more steals,” joked teammate Ben Gordon.

oh please ben gordon. hope?! i think you know what this does for your team and chances at perhaps making it to the finals this year. its enormous and you know inside your heart that by christmas you will buy every player on the team a headband and perhaps an under appreciated wrist band and the entire rule will be taken off the books as the bulls roll over the non-headband wearing opponents.

with this announcement – i think its times to start thinking about the nba. my preseason mvp is – the headband and possibly a co-mvp with the fro. because they go together like peanut butter and jelly.