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Friday Hot Chick

March 27, 2008

So, here is what I need. Its currently 736pm. I need Xavier to cover, they are getting a point and currently leading by four. I need the UNC–Washington State game to go over 142 (not going to happen). But, if UNC can just cover the 1 point 2nd half spread, that over/under investment wouldn’t be as important.

What else do I need? This week’s Friday Hot Chick, Keeley Hazell, to never wear a shirt.

–Her team is going to give up a lot of goals.
–I’d be willing to wait a month for this.
–Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, she’s something.
–Why even waste time with non-nude pics? (NSFW)
–Also, you might of heard, that Keeley had a sex tape released a while back. Here she is blowing the dude in the movie. Here is a collage of screen caps from the tape (be careful of the penis).

Friday Hot Chick (Now Posted on Thursday Nights?)

March 20, 2008

So, my company implemented the Barracuda internet filter this week, perhaps solely because of my daily internet usage (which was probably between 4 and 7 hours a day). So now, instead of surfing between other sports blogs (Deadspin, With Leather, Kissing Suzy Kolber, Awful Announcing, etc.), celebrity gossip sites (WWTDD, idontlikeyouinthatway, egotastic, idontknowmuch, etc.), general humor sites (Cracked, Gorilla Mask, College Humor), and the other standbys (ESPN, MySpace, Hotmail)…….I have to do actual work. Or stare at the hot chick in the office. (Seriously….she’s a brunette Erin Andrews with a prettier face and a ridiculous body. Just fantastic.)

Anyway, this means that the higher-ups are obviously checking out what the piss-ons are doing online. So conducting an image search for “Lacey Chabert + tits” isn’t too smart. Therefore, FHC will be posted on Thursday night from now on.

I’m very proud of myself for this week’s selection, Michelle Lombardo. I first noticed Michelle when she played a bit part on ‘Entourage’. Apparently she won some modeling contest, appeared in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, and has a few movies coming out. It really doesn’t matter……she’s ridiculously hot.

Pull those down.
They’re real…..
–….and they’re spectacular
–Usually I don’t do basic face pictures, but….
–Not until you’re finished with your dusting

Friday Hot Chicks: Hot Asses Edition

March 14, 2008

“When I think of asses, a woman’s ass, something comes out of me.”–Vincent Hanna, ‘Heat’

Me too, Vince. Today’s FHC is dedicated to those women around the world with nice, round asses.  And to the ones with cute, little bubble butts. I like ’em all.

**–Mayra Veronica
**–Vida Guerra
**–Kim Kardashian
**–Sophia Castello (NSFW)
**–Kate Hudson
**–Old School Jennifer Lopez
**–Kate Beckinsale
**–Jessica Biel

I’m sure I missed some. I could of put up about 20 more porn stars with nice asses, but I don’t want to attract the wrong element* to this fine, upstanding website.

(*–This refers to the feds; not perverts–those are my people.)

Friday Hot Chick

February 29, 2008

My blog partner suggested Susannah Murray, a cast member of the Austrailian version of Big Brother. While Susannah is definitely hot, there is really only a few pictures of her available. You can see those pics at Horny Oyster.

So, to celebrate her recent release from rehab, I have decided to go with Eva Mendes. I put Eva in my top 20 a few months ago, and while I think Roselyn Sanchez, Sofia Vergara, and Mayra Veronica are hotter, Eva is plenty good enough for the FHC.

**–Theres a hole in your shirt, Eva.
**–No words.
**–This picture hurts my neck.
**–Hi sweetie.
**–Hot?…..yes. But Hitch sucked ass.
**–And a NSFW screen cap from a good movie, Training Day.

As always, if you have a suggestion for FHC, throw them at me. If the suggestion doesn’t suck and there are enough pictures out there of the lady, I’ll use the nomination.

Friday Hot Chick

February 22, 2008

Until recently, I wasn’t a big fan of Kate Beckinsale. I’ve always thought her to be attractive, but I never really thought she was FHC worthy.

Then, about 4 months ago, wwtdd ran a story which featured Kate going through security at an airport. And I’ll be damned if she didn’t have the cutest little bubble butt I’ve ever seen.

So here ya go. Kate Beckinsale, FHC.

*–She drinks Coke.
*–The dude in the background scares me.
*–I don’t love this picture, but it will do.
*–This one is playful.
*–Even tho its included in the wwtdd link, I just love this one.

I don’t feel great about this week’s FHC performance, so here is a NSFW shot of NWMJ favorite Vida Guerra.

Friday Hot Chick

February 8, 2008

I’m gonna go with Rachel Bilson this week. Rachel was on ‘The O.C.’ I never watched that show when it was on, but in the last year or so I’ve caught some of the reruns on the weekends on some Soap Opera channel (I like to watch the old 90210s from back in the day). Basically, ‘The O.C’ is a 2000s version of 90210, including the bad boy outsider who surfs and has issues and a heart of gold (Dylan McKay/Ryan).

Anyway, everyone who watched that show made such a big deal about Micha Barton, but I never got it. She’s OK, I guess. But Rachel was the hot one, in my opinion. I then saw her in ‘The Last Kiss’, an absolutely brutal movie with J.D. from ‘Scrubs’ and the chick from ‘Real World.’ It was then that I decided that Rachel would be this week’s hot chick.

My brother wanted this week’s FHC to be Olivia Munn, but as the big brother, it is my job to ruin his hopes and dreams, no matter how small or insignificant. Mission accomplished, again.

**–Its like a sauna in here.
**–She’s almost too pretty to be a FHC.
**–She’s very aware of her sex appeal, apparently.
**–Don’t jump!
**–She looks like a sexy gypsy.
**–Thanks Fox.

Friday’s Hot Chick

January 25, 2008

To celebrate the return of American Idol, I thought I would run down five of my favorite dream-chasing hotties that have graced the Idol stage.

Bo Bice finished 6th.