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Down with FCC, yeah you know me

February 27, 2008

Don’t ask me why the FCC would sensor this, but for some reason they did. Its not all that funny, but it was better than at least two-thirds of the rest of the commercials that aired. And think about how much money they had to pay someone to write that ad, consult with lawyers to make sure it would be okay to do so, yadda yadda yadda, and then they can’t run it because America saw 1/8th of a second of Janet Jackson’s nipple on television.

Meanwhile, 12 year old boys everywhere can jump online and browse hundreds of hours of porn at their leisure. Every teenage girl/actress/singer is a whore or at least pretending to be one. And we just gave an Oscar to an ex-stripper and a girl who has gotten naked more times on film than I have in the past 15 years. What does this have to do with sports you ask? Just that it was banned during the Super Bowl. And I wanted to reminisce on 2004. So there.

As the World Turns….

February 1, 2008

So do the gay jokes about Mr. Tom Brady. I’ll admit that a certain writer on this blog might have posted about this same topic recently. And even if you’re completely homophobic, for some reason you’ll still watch this video and laugh.

So my prediction for the Superbowl? New England 37 New York 24. Thats based solely on watching this video. I puked thirteen times when I saw Fake Madden feeding Fake Brady. Its coming up again….

Way to be Original, Mark Kriegel

September 10, 2007

In his game recap for Fox Sports, columnist Mark Kriegel made the observation that the Bears would have won the game if not for the efforts of quarterback Rex Grossman.

Wow. A columnist blames the entire loss on the quarterback. How original.

Lets break Mark’s column down:

The difference [between the two teams is] at quarterback, where LaDainian Tomlinson proved way more effective than Rex Grossman.

Yeah. Throwing one pass which caught the Bear defense off-guard means LT’s a better quarterback than Rex Grossman. Using that logic, Cedric Benson (46 yards) is a better running back than Tomlinson (25 yards). (more…)

go cubs go

September 6, 2007

mustache for today

August 29, 2007


if it’s brown – flush it down! No! No! let’s sell it on the internet!

August 29, 2007

Who’s poop do you want to buy? Burt Reynolds, Jack Black, Mike Tyson or my personal favorite Mick Foley. (more…)

things you need to read

August 28, 2007

Brett Meyers VS The Retarded Reporter bugs and crank (NSFW – Language)

Always time for classic SNL

One of the best collections of Jessica Alba pictures I’ve ever seen

Quote for the Day

August 28, 2007

“This is a serious time. It’s tight. The Cardinals sneaked their way back into it. We have to be the loosest of the teams to play the best right now.”

– Cubs outfielder Jacque Jones.


Hey Jacque! What the hell does that even mean?

spoiler alert

August 28, 2007

in tonight’s series finale of ‘the bronx is burning’ on espn………THE YANKEES WILL WIN!!

that is all

what other people are talking about

August 25, 2007

‘Put it on the board….YES!’ Hawk Harrelson invented the batting glove southsidesox

When I heard there was an op-ed that was written in a world ruled by dogs and Michael Vick was underperforming. I thought it was gonna be hilarious. It was just so-so. Orlando-Sentinel

It’s kinda like ‘Lord of the Flies’ but with perverts ballyblog