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Someone check on Les Alexander

February 26, 2008

The Houston Rockets got some devastating news today: center Yao Ming has a broken foot and will miss the remainder of the season. The Rockets were the hottest team in the league, winning 12 straight, and are in the midst of a battle for a playoff spot.


Rockets owner Les Alexander said “This is unbelievable. This is the most heart-breaking. This is the worst I’ve felt.” Jeez dude……have a drink. The dude broke a foot and your team might miss out on the 8 seed in the playoffs. The city of Houston didn’t explode.

This quote was eerily similar to Alexander’s quote when Vernon Maxwell was called for traveling in the third quarter of a pre-season game in 1994. “What happened on that court was a nightmare,” Alexander said at the time. “I’m going to go cut myself so I can feel something other than this pain.”