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BootGate 2008

January 25, 2008

Tom Brady BootGate 2008

You’re god damn right he lost that boot. And by boot, aren’t you talking about:

Bridget Moynahan

God this guy has hit so much hot……nevermind. That’s besides the point. Of course his fucking ankle is fine. Belichick is playing mind games, folks. All you smart people know that of course. And does the man really need to practice? Honestly, if the New York Giants are supposed to win, that shit was already decided. And who, praytell, makes these decisions? Her name is Destiny, my friends:

Gisele Bundchen

Or Gisele. I think the horse’s name is Destiny. Wait, what was I talking about?

friday’s hot chick

November 2, 2007

Hey guys….there’s a new gal in my office that looks exactly like a dark haired Erin Andrews. Seriously. Its really exciting.

(*–your definition of ‘exciting’ may differ from mine, because I am a married dude who hasn’t had any strange since 2003.)

Anyway, she’s not the hot chick of the day. This week’s Friday Hot Chick, in honor of the greatest sporting event ever played–this week’s Pats-Colts game, is Gisele Bundchen.

I joke about wanting Brady’s knees to explode. I actually want them to go undefeated so that the 72 Dolphins will die in anonymity. Fucking jerkoffs cheering on the sideline on 12/2/85. Lucky ass Dan Marino. Who bounces a touchdown pass off someone’s helmet? Honestly?

Enjoy the Brazilian hottie.