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friday’s hot chick (now on thursday!)

November 15, 2007

I don’t like to highlight any members of my previously named top ten in the ‘Friday’s Hot Chick’ section. I try to shine the spotlight on the ridiculously hot, not quite as famous chicks or those who I have not previously mentioned an affinity for.

This week is no exception. Catherine Bell was on ‘Jag’, which I never watched. I did hear her on Howard Stern once. She seemed nice. She’s mad hot though, as you can attest to after clinking on the links below.

  • Apparently here she is on the set of ‘Side Out’ with C. Thomas Howell
  • I usually dont like short hair but this is nice
  • A baby leopard died so you could enjoy this picture
  • This might be the best picture she ever took
  • I hate long legs