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Friday Hot Chick

January 11, 2008

This week, I’ve already given you my hot chick top 20 and a random picture of Sarah Shahi. I shouldn’t have to come up with a Friday Hottie. However, I need a break from work and I figured there was no better way to waste 20 minutes than to pick out 5 solid Jennifer Love Hewitt pictures.

JLH recently has some rather unflattering pictures taken of her at the beach. Lets just say, as an ass man, I should be the last one to be turned off by a big butt. But these pics highlighted the bad side of some big asses. It seems that Love is more wide than full. And there were some dings and dents that, while normal on 80 percent of women, are not especially attractive.

That being said, there is no doubt that Jennifer Love Hewitt is hot as shit, has one of Hollywood’s best racks, and is an infinitely talented decent mediocre at best actress.

Here she is at some award show.

I love black bras.

Black and white. Cool. Lets class up this joint a bit.

Oh, just do Playboy already.

She looks weird here, but what the hell.