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wow! that rick ankiel sure looks younger and chiseled

September 7, 2007

i am a little less shocked about the rick ankiel hgh story than i figured i would be. the truth is i suspect everyone these days. hell, my screenname is ‘everyoneisonsteroids’


if it’s brown – flush it down! No! No! let’s sell it on the internet!

August 29, 2007

Who’s poop do you want to buy? Burt Reynolds, Jack Black, Mike Tyson or my personal favorite Mick Foley. (more…)

things you need to read

August 28, 2007

Brett Meyers VS The Retarded Reporter bugs and crank (NSFW – Language)

Always time for classic SNL

One of the best collections of Jessica Alba pictures I’ve ever seen

what other people are talking about

August 25, 2007

‘Put it on the board….YES!’ Hawk Harrelson invented the batting glove southsidesox

When I heard there was an op-ed that was written in a world ruled by dogs and Michael Vick was underperforming. I thought it was gonna be hilarious. It was just so-so. Orlando-Sentinel

It’s kinda like ‘Lord of the Flies’ but with perverts ballyblog