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Show Me What You Got

February 23, 2008

Rex Grossman

Rex Grossman signed a one-year contract to stay with the Bears for the 2008 season and compete with Kyle Orton for the starting position. Both showed glimmers of hope late in the season, with Orton replacing Grossman after his knee injury and leading the Bears to their only back-to-back wins of the season. Grossman passed for 913 yards with 3 TDs, 1 interception and an 80.2 passer rating in his second stint, a vast improvement after throwing for 500 yards with 1 TD, 6 interceptions and a 45.2 rating in the first three games. And it appears that kind of play is what allowed him to get an offer from Lovie Smith, Jerry Angelo, and the Bears.

Let me first say “Bravo” to Mr. Grossman. I really do hope he comes back and produces for the team. I hated him when he played bad and praised him when he played good, but we all know QB’s take the most abuse for when something goes wrong. Just look at all the crap Eli took in N.Y. before winning the Superbowl. I’m sure he’ll continue to get shit on if he doesn’t perform next season, too. But listen up, Rex: Eli DID lead his team to a Superbowl win, so no matter how great 2006 was, you won’t be respected around here unless you lead us back to the big game and win it.

Do I think that will happen in 2008? No. Rex and the QB situation isn’t my biggest area of concern. They have to fix a horrendous O-Line and actually get some production out of a running back before the offense will turn itself around. I made that comment in my post about Moose getting released. No matter what QB they have behind center, or even if they drafted a QB and started him, the line has to give them time and produce holes for the running back. Cedric Benson is not the answer, but you wonder what he could do with an amazing offensive line. I respect Adrian Peterson and he should definitely be for passing plays, but he’s a tandem back at best. And Garrett Wolfe is 5’2″ .

Its that simple, folks. Hester will return the ball for a TD or at least decent field position. A mediocre QB, given time behind the line and even with mediocre receivers, can complete passes, especially in our dump-pass offense. WE NEED TO ESTABLISH THE RUN. I don’t care what anyone’s feelings are about Thomas Jones: when he was here in 2006, he established the running game behind a much better O-Line which gave Rex time to have some monster games early on. I bet if we go back and analyze those later games where Rex imploded, we’ll see he was not given the same amount of time or support from the running game.

Its going to be a tough road to get back to 2006 status, but hey, we always have Devin to wow us. I hope Bradley, Benson/Peterson, and even Rex do, too.

Ummmm, Mr. Toub….

February 11, 2008

Devin Hester

Chicago Bears special teams coordinator Dave Toub talked about being the number one special teams unit in the NFL for the second straight year. And I quote:

“We’re fortunate to be able to keep a lot of guys,” Toub said. “We did lose some guys, but we kept the major core. Having the same kicker (Robbie Gould), long-snapper (Patrick Mannelly) and punter (Maynard) year-in and year-out, that’s probably the No. 1 thing. And then having Devin and Brendon doesn’t hurt.”

Doesn’t hurt? Doesn’t fucking hurt? Are you kidding me, Dave? I like you and think you do a very good job coordinating, but you have to think that Devin has the most to do with this. He broke the record that he set his rookie year with 6 kick returns for TD’s. He’s the one out there making people miss, running like a fucking cheetah, and watching himself do so on the Jumbotron.

Now don’t get me wrong. Having Robbie Gould doesn’t hurt. Remember his monster season in 2006? And Maynard does his job week in and week out. Ayanbadejo was also a beast this season and really stood out. The Bears also had 8 blocked kicks in 2007, double that of any other team. They also lead in kick coverage, were second in field goals, and third in punt coverage. Besides San Diego this season, I don’t really remember many huge special teams plays outside of our Chicago Bears.

So Mr. Smith, lets make sure we keep these guys around. Toub needs to stay with Gould for sure. Maynard and Ayanbadejo should get comfortable as well. And Hester better spend his entire career as a Bear. Develop him into your deep-threat wideout. Make sure none of this gets to his head. And for fuck sake, don’t trade him for an unproven QB. I don’t care who it is. Look at most of the top QB’s in the league right now and you’ll find there are many gems to be found later in the draft. Find that new Brady. You can do it without dealing Devin.