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mustache for today

August 29, 2007


if it’s brown – flush it down! No! No! let’s sell it on the internet!

August 29, 2007

Who’s poop do you want to buy? Burt Reynolds, Jack Black, Mike Tyson or my personal favorite Mick Foley. (more…)

things you need to read

August 28, 2007

Brett Meyers VS The Retarded Reporter bugs and crank (NSFW – Language)

Always time for classic SNL

One of the best collections of Jessica Alba pictures I’ve ever seen

A Very Sexy Post

August 27, 2007

I like making lists. Ironically, I hate list TV shows, like the “40 Greatest Fashion Crimes” or “101 Sexiest Goatees.” That shit seems arbitrary and weak. Unlike the list I am about to make.

A few years back I wrote a myspace blog (yes, myspace….fuck you) about ten women who I thought were the hottest. It got a lot of worldwide attention. (And by ‘worldwide attention’, I mean 4 or 5 friends commented on it.)

Well, I thought I would update the list. But this time, I will include my favorite picture of said person as a link. Maybe my blog partner in crime will follow up with his own list, although–outside of his current very hot girlfriend–he has horrible taste in women (he once told me Kirsten Dunst was hot).

10) Lindsay Lohan (more…)