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And the Bears are Already 0-1

March 31, 2008


Roger Goodell announced the NFL’s first weekend will feature a Thursday night season opener between the World Champion New York Giants and their division rival, the Washington Redskins. There will also be Monday night matchups between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings as well as the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders.

Oh, and the Sunday night game will feature the Bears going to Indianapolis to open the Colts’ new home field, Lucas Oil Stadium.

If I had to pick the worst situation for the Bears to open 2008, it might be this. Maybe opening at New England in its first meaningful game since last year’s Super Bowl loss would be worse. Hard to tell. But a matchup of one of the most powerful offenses going up against the Bears’ offense–with starting skill position players Rex Grossman, Cedric Benson, Marty Booker, and Brandon Lloyd–seems like a choice tailor-made for embarassment. Add in the emotion and excitement sure to be felt by the Colts……and this one is going to get real ugly, real quick.

Thanks, commish. Good to get that tone set early with a solid 52-0 drubbing.

NWMJ Mock Draft Version 1.0

March 12, 2008

I’m bored as shit, and I refuse to talk about March Madness until Monday when there is something to be ‘mad’ about; getting pumped about Syracuse-Villanova on a Wednesday morning seems silly and desperate. I’ll leave that to the four-letter network. I then thought about posting a mid-week hot chick, but then I realized that would ruin the happiness of Friday. I will, however, provide you with a picture of celebrity whore/actual slut Kim Kardashian, who despite her lack of morals (or partly because of them), has the perfect body for HHY’s fantasies.


Now that is out of the way, lets get to the NFL Draft, where every year I wait with bated breath for two to six hours only to watch the Bears either draft some safety from a Division II school or trade out of the first round. But despite this constant abuse, I come back for more. Here is my first mock draft of the season (expect a few more if I feel the need):

1) Miami: Jake Long, T, Michigan–Some people say Matt Ryan is the choice, but I haven’t seen anything out of the guy to make me believe he’s worthy of the top overall pick. The trendy choice here, at least lately, has been Virginia’s Chris Long, but I don’t buy that, either. I think in his first major personnel move with the Fish, Parcells will look to shore up the left tackle position for a decade.
2) St. Louis: Chris Long, DE, Virginia–This move immediately shores up the Rams defense a bit. Also, it may allow the team to either cut Leonard Little or have him whacked. I’d be fine with the latter.
3) Atlanta: Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College–Seems like a very logical move here. The Falcons could start him immediately, or let him sit behind the newly re-signed Joey Harrington for a few weeks.
4) Oakland: Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas–If the first three picks fall this way, there is no way the Raiders could fuck this up. Not even Al Davis.
5) Kansas City: Ryan Clady, T, Boise State–All of the Chiefs’ success in the late 90s and early aughts were based on a strong offensive line; recently, the team’s front five has been atrocious. The team begins building the front back up with the second-best tackle in the draft.
6) NY Jets: Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU–The Jets will jump all over Dorsey at 6, unless some news comes out that his injury is worse than previously thought. They need defensive line help, and the best d-lineman in the draft could be sitting there.
7) New England: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tennessee St–Cromartie will step right into the vacated slot of Asante Samuel. If the Pats get half the big plays this guy’s cousin Antonio is capable of, they’ll be happy with the selection.
8) Baltimore: Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma–If Ryan is off the board, the Ravens might address their passing game at receiver, where Kelly might be the best player available. Others are saying the Ravens will go with a corner or linebacker here, but I feel they need another playmaker to go with Willis McGahee.
9) Cincinnati: Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC–With a couple of good defensive players staring them in the face, I think the Bengals will choose the tackle from Southern Cal who had 8.5 sacks last year and played for four years in the most talent-laden program in the country.
10) New Orleans: Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy–McKelvin is a cover corner who can return kicks and will fit right in as a starter for the secondary-challenged Saints.
11) Buffalo: Keith Rivers, LB, USC–The Bills could go with about 6 different positions here, but I’ll go with Rivers as the pick.
12) Denver: Chris Williams, T, Vanderbilt–I’m tempted to have Shanahan take a running back here, mostly because he’s a crazy douchebag. But if I believe everything I read about Williams, he seems like a pretty nice fit for the Broncos and what they want to do up front.
13) Carolina: Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State–The Panthers will be tempted to go with a skill position here, but if Gholston is available, they’ll snag him right up. With Gholston on one side and Julius Peppers on the other, even a concussed Dan Morgan could make plays.
14) Chicago: Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois–I was really torn here, like I was making the pick. I realize that no matter who is carrying the ball, the Bears need offensive linemen first and foremost. But I also believe Mendenhall is a feature back who can tote the rock 300-plus times in this league, and those don’t come around every day (see Cedric Benson). The Bears can address the line in rounds 2 through 7.
15) Detroit: Philip Merling, DE, Clemson–Could Matt Millen grab another receiver? Probably not this year, although a certain running back from Oregon could be grabbed here. I’ll go with Merling, however, a guy I had never heard of until last week who seems to be a solid, if not spectacular player. This could be a bit high for him, but this is the Lions. So who knows.
16) Arizona: Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon–The Edge (James, not the guy from U2) might not like this pick, but if the Cards make it, Stewart will be getting the bulk of carries by November.
17) Minnesota: Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida–With the running game solved on both sides of the ball, the Vikings now try to excel in the passing game on both sides. With the signing of Bernard Berrian, the team finally has a deep threat who can actually catch the ball (I’m looking at you, Williamson). And if they choose Harvey, and he can use that Metrodome turf to his speedy advantage, look out. This could be the steal of the draft.
18) Houston: Jeff Otah, T, Pitt–The Texans need a left tackle and Otah has played mostly right, but at this point passing on a guy like this seems silly. He would be the best player on the board at a position of need.
19) Philadelphia: DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal–The Eagles will get a better player at 19 this year than the Dolphins got at 9 last year. Jackson would instantly provide the team with a playmaker at wide receiver, something they haven’t had since…….Mike Quick? I’m not sure. Maybe Harold Carmichael. Also, this move allows the Eagles to put a potentially deadly return man back on punts, as well.
20) Tampa Bay: Limas Sweed, WR, Texas–This guy really intrigues me. Not just because of his talent, which I’m not sure about, but because some people have him going as high as 6, while others have him not even in the first round. All I know is that he is a big guy with good speed, and the Bucs’ best receiver–Joey Galloway–is 64 years old.
21) Washington: Calais Campbell, DE, Miami–I was tempted to go with Mario Manningham or Kenny Phillips here, but I think Campbell is the safe choice. This pick would provide G-Money and his Skins an edge rusher for the first time since the Dexter Manley days.
22) Dallas: Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas–After all the rumors about Silly Double-J trading up to get an Arkansas running back, it will turn out that he will stay put and get one anyway. Jones would be a solid compliment to Marion Barber and a great replacement for Julius Jones.
23) Pittsburgh: Gosder Cherilus, T, Boston College–Gosder Cherilus? Seriously? Playing for the Steelers? Why not. I think the Steelers have to go offensive line, especially after losing Alan Faneca to the Jets. I was thinking about the top guard on the board here, but I figure its more likely they take a tackle who’s stock is on the rise.
24) Tennessee: Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas–Which player in the NWMJ mock draft will have the most trouble getting through airport security? Its this guy, who the Titans will select to put the final nail in the Pacman coffin.
25) Seattle: Brandon Albert, G, Virginia–If the Steelers don’t take Albert, the Seahawks should. It would solidify a line which will have Maurice Morris, Julius Jones, and TJ Duckett running behind it next year. You better open up some holes.
26) Jacksonville: Justin King, CB, Penn State–I really have no idea what the Jags are doing this offseason. The trade for Troy Williamson just baffles me. They know he can’t catch, right? And they gave up a 6th rounder for him? Anyway, King will add to an already solid Jacksonville secondary. Also look for a wide receiver here.
27) San Diego: Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida–The Chargers might be the most talented team in the league, so they should just take the best player available, which at this point is Jenkins. If he matures, a one-two punch of Antonio Cromartie and Jenkins would be tough.
28) Dallas: Kenny Phillips, S, Miami–Solid pick here. Maybe Phillips can teach Roy Williams how to tackle someone like a professional instead of a 11 year old sissy.
29) San Francisco: Jerod Mayo, LB, Tennessee–The Niners continue to work on their defense with this selection. Mayo could be the best linebacker in the draft.
30) Green Bay: Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville–Look at me, throwing a little curve ball in here! I’m not sure if the Packers would want to bring a first round chosen quarterback in the same year Favre retires, but if they do, Brohm could be a solid selection. (Side note: remember a month or so ago, when Matt Ryan, Brohm, and Andre Woodson were all top-10 selections? Now you can’t find the last two guys in any mock draft. Know why? All mock draft makers are morons. Myself included.)
31) NY Giants: Dan Connor, LB, Penn State–In need of a replacement for Kawika Mitchell, the world champs get Andy Katzenmoyer’s more talented twin.

BREAKING NEWS: Bears Continue to Astound With Its Receiving Corps

March 7, 2008

ESPN Radio 1000 here in Chicago is announcing that the Bears have locked up wide receiver Brandon Lloyd to a one-year deal.


Despite having two more receptions than me in the NFL last season, Lloyd will enter training camp as the Bears number two receiver. A graduate of the college football powerhouse Illini, Lloyd had two ‘eh’ seasons in San Francisco before signing a deal with the Redskins before 2006. With the Hogs, Lloyd caught 25 balls for 379 yards and 0 touchdowns in two seasons.

Lloyd has shown the ability to make some ridiculous catches and has decent speed, so perhaps he realizes some of his potential in 2008 and has a decent campaign in a contract year. Or maybe he sucks. One thing is for certain…….Bears opponents are quaking in their boots at the thoughts of facing the aerial attack of Grossman/Orton to Booker/Lloyd/Hester/Bradley.

Someone get me a puke bucket.

Why Should I Be Sad to See Him Go?

March 5, 2008


The announcement of Brett Favre’s retirement yesterday came as a shock to most. To me, it came as a relief.

No, I am not going to miss watching him play. He didn’t play for my team. In fact, he played for the biggest rival of my favorite team. And while I respect Favre’s play and never disliked him, you have to understand what it was like to be a Bears fan during his tenure with the Cheeseheads. It wasn’t fun.

Favre’s career record against the Bears was 79-5 (not really). From the time Favre made his first start against Chicago in 1992 until he made his last in 2007, the Bears had 24 different starting quarterbacks, including Peter Tom Willis, Moses Moreno, Henry Burris, and Steve Stenstrom (really).

He once beat the Bears with two broken arms. In 1993, he played an entire game in Soldier Field without a helmet, and threw four touchdowns. On four different occasions against the Packers’ rival, he threw a touchdown pass to himself. And he had sex with my momma.

The guy’s Hall of Fame highlight reel could be made up solely of his 32 career games against the Bears. Here are three games forever burned into my memory as a Bears fan:

3) November 12, 1995–Basically playing on one leg (and enough Vicodin to kill a horse), Favre throws for 336 yards and 5 touchdowns to lead Green Bay to a 35-28 victory in a must-win for the Bears. My team later misses the playoffs by 1 game. Favre’s does not.

2) September 29, 2003–The NFL decides it would be great theatre if the Bears open new Soldier Field on Monday Night Football against the team they’ve beaten once since 1994. The league gets exactly as it deserves–a shitty game–as Favre and the Pack jump out to a 17-0 first quarter lead en route to a 38-23 lead behind 3 Favre touchdown passes.

1) September 11, 1995–I watch from my dorm room, freshman year of college, with about 20 other die-hard Bears fans as our team battles the up-and-coming Packers. The Bears lead until Favre connects with Robert Brooks on a 99-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter. After the play, Favre takes off his helmet and runs down the field as if he’s Amy Winehouse and he just saw a crack dealer in the south end zone. Bears lose 27-24.

Sure, the memories were a little better the last few years as the Bears played inspired ball against Favre and Green Bay. But as someone who grew up as a Bears fan and watched almost every Bears-Packers game since 1992, I’m not sad to see him go. One more time, for old times sake…….

……Green Bay sucks, and Brett Favre swallows.

“I’m Just Tired”

March 4, 2008

Brett Favre retires

As a Bear’s fan, I should probably be happy to have Brett Favre retire and not have to face him twice a year. But to be completely honest, it was fun to watch him all those years. The Bears/Packers rivalry is one of the best, if not THE best, in the NFL and I’m sitting here wondering if it will be the same. This move has a ton of implications on the NFC Central, if not the NFC altogether. Two years ago, it wouldn’t have made such a difference if he retired. But after the monster season he and the Packers had last year, I’m wondering where everyone now stands in our division.

The Packers were clicking both defensively and offensively last season, and despite early struggles in the running game, Ryan Grant showed up at the end of the season and played some terrific games. But do I think that Aaron Rodgers or Craig Nall can come in and lead this same team the way that Brett did? Not at all. Just look at what you lose:

– Through 16 seasons, he retires with 5,377 career completions in 8,758 attempts for 61,655 yards, 442 touchdowns and 288 interceptions.

– He was a three-time regular season MVP.- He extended his quarterback-record streak of consecutive regular-season starts to 253 games and if you add the playoffs, the streak stands at 275.

– He broke Dan Marino’s career records for most touchdown passes and most yards passing and John Elway’s record for most career victories by a starting quarterback.

To be completely honest, the NFC Central could go a couple ways next year. I had the Packers as my #1 seed in the division, but now we need to look at the Lions, Vikings and Bears. The Vikings just acquired Bernard Berrian to try and balance their offensive attack with Adrian Peterson. The Lions were 6-2 through the first half of the season last year and looked to be an early favorite for the Dvivision title, only to lose 7 out of their last 8. The Bears turned on their defense late last year and proved they could win, even with Kyle Orton behind center, but they really need to shore up their offense in the offseason (which we are all worried they are NOT doing).

If I had to give you my early pick, I really think the Vikings could make a run if they can have a consistent offense. Their defense played well last year especially against the run, so they are an early favorite. Having said that, if the Bears have a healthy dominating defense like in 2006 and the offense can establish their running game, they have a great shot as well. Who knows though – another QB could prove to be worthy and this young team will be pumped to show the league they can still compete without Brett, no matter how big of a loss that is.I know that anyone in our division and probably in the NFC is both happy and sad to see Brett go. Most people I know talk tons of shit about him, yet they respect him nonetheless. He has been amazing to watch over the last 16 years and I was excited to see what he could do next year with the team that went to the NFC Conference Championship last year and lost a very close game with the Giants (who went on to win the Superbowl).

And to the Chicago Bears, if you’re not going to help your own team with free agency and the draft, then Brett just helped you out a little. For at least two games next season.

“Losing Berrian hurts the Bears’ offense more than keeping Briggs helps the defense.”

March 3, 2008

Bernard Berrian

I’m not so sure about that, Mr. Haugh.

On Saturday, Bernard Berrian left the Bears (as expected) and went to our division rival, the Minnesota Vikings. He signed a 6 year contract worth $42 million dollar with $16 million in guaranteed money. The Vikings seem to feel that Bernard will round out their offense nicely by complementing the monstrous running game of Adrian Peterson. Its also amusing to me that Berrian will be playing with Bobby Wade, another ex-Bears wide receiver who had a somewhat decent season with the Vikings last year. I think Brad Childress may get off on plucking players away from his NFC Central rivals. And I think David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune might want to rethink his article on Mr. Berrian and Lance Briggs and the resulting effect it will have on the Chicago Bears in 2008.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a little bit worried about both Muhsin Muhammad and Bernard Berrian not being in Bears uniforms next year. I like both of them, both on and off the field, but we need to examine the Lance Brigg’s deal before we make anymore judgments. Lance Briggs signed a 6-year deal worth $36 million with $12 million in guaranteed money. And if you would have asked me before this weekend who would have gotten more money by splashing around in the free agency pool, I don’t think I would have ever said Berrian. Its interesting that both Berrian and Briggs are represented by agent Drew Rosenhaus. After Brigg’s comments about the Bears placing the franchise tag on him last year and not signing a similar deal then, it makes me think that A.) teams didn’t feel that Briggs was worth it, or the more likely B.) his outbursts and the Lamborghini incident may have cost him some potential suitors.

I am definitely happy that Briggs is a Chicago Bear and can settle back into concentrating about next season and upping his play. With Urlacher’s back and neck issues, Brigg’s is a very, very good safety net for the defense. And Urlacher, Briggs, and Hillenmeyer is one of the best LB corps in the league as far as I’m concerned. Who cares if Brigg’s didn’t get out of Urlacher’s shadow. He played lot better than Brian last year and I know he will produce in 2008. But to say that losing Berrian “hurts more” than keeping Briggs is just not true. Neither Muhammad or Berrian are going to be superstar wide receivers in the league. Muhammad is too old and Berrian, while very good, hasn’t shown me that he should be paid what the Vikings gave him on Saturday. Now of course everyone will start throwing around “but Rex and Orton were throwing to him, thats why” and “he was the best option the Bears had and they blew it.” Let’s talk about superstar wide receivers for a second. Did Steve Smith play well last year with the Panthers? He had 87 catches for over 1,000 yards with 7 TD’s. And this was with David Carr, Matt Moore, and god knows who else throwing to him because of Jake Delhomme’s injury. Look at what he’s done with Delhomme on the field in previous seasons.

As for Berrian, look at his 2006 stats. Grossman had a monster first half of the season. We were passing and running the ball very effectively and Berrian managed 51 receptions for 775 yards and 6 TD’s. Granted he was out for one game and didn’t start another, but I don’t think Bernard will be better than a #2 receiver on a team, even though he was #1 here. Herein lies the problem. Like I said before, I’m concerned with who the Rex or Kyle will be throwing to come training camp and preseason. Mark Bradley will be expected to take on a much larger role and will most likely be in the #1 spot. It’ll be interesting to see what Mike Hass and Brendon Rideau can do with more playing time. Hass impressed me with his play last year in the preseason. And if all three of them are on the field, we’ll have a wide receiving corps that are all over 6′ tall and 200+lbs. We also have Rashied Davis who needs to step up big time. I’d like to see him fill in as a slot receiver and catch the balls that Muhammad was dropping over the past two seasons. And Greg Olsen and Desmond Clark is a TE tandem worth talking about in 2008. I’m going to predict that Olson will have a monster year.

And I’m leaving out one very important aspect of the Bears offense for next year: Devin Hester. I’m sure that the organization is getting him more acquainted with the playbook and with running his routes. Just based on the several spectacular catches he has made at crucial times in the game, I hope he can develop into our long range threat and start at WR. I honestly would have loved to see him and Berrian, running routes on opposite sides of the field. Both have great speed and can take opponents down field with them, but I’m more interested in seeing Hester develop as a receiver. That being said, there are bigger problems with the offense even with Berrian and Muhammad leaving.

This team is supposed to start running off the bus. To do that, we need to fix the O Line. I’ve eluded to this three of four times over the past couple weeks, but there’s no way that our offense will be better than they were last year if we don’t fix major problems in that area. And we need to establish a running game. I was hoping we would grab Michael Turner and bring him back to his hometown, but the Falcons just signed him to a 6 year contract worth $34.5 million. I’m definitely not looking forward to competition between Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson. I like Adrian and think he’s a great fill-in back and receiving downs back. But he’s not a full-time RB. Cedric hasn’t proved anything besides that this organization keeps throwing money at talented college RB’s and can’t catch a break (Rashaan Salaam, anyone?). However, I know that Benson’s running game will have to improve with a more well-rounded O Line that actually gets some push, some blocking upfront. They need to create holes to give him his confidence back. When Benson’s broken away, he’s showed that he can move well down field and gave yardage, but the problem is he never moves very far past the line.

Fixing the O Line and establishing a solid running game will let our offense get back to where it was in 2006. Grossman and Orton can find receivers, but they need time and protection. If the running game is making teams respect them, then any of the wide receivers we have now should be able to get open downfield. Olsen should be open for our little 5-10 yard pass over the middle just about every down. Use him like the Falcons used Alge Crumpler for so many years. He has the talent to become a great TE in this league. And a respect for the running game and passing game will mean that Hester and the other inexperienced WR’s will start getting open downfield. Even if Hester is used as a decoy, Bradly and Co. should be able to step up and make some plays when needed.

So Mr. Haugh, I think keeping Briggs for less money than it would have taken to re-sign Bernard was a very smart move in solidifying our defensive unit. We need him to blitz and shut the opponents running game down and with Urlacher slowing up a little bit, this was a great move in my opinion. Shit we didn’t really offer him much more than what we wanted him to sign for last year before slapping the franchise tag on him. I don’t think Berrian is worth $42 million, but I’m glad he got his pay day. Let’s see what Hester, Bradley, and Olsen can do in starting roles on the offense. It starts with fixing that O Line and establishing the run. Thats what this team has always been about anyways.

UPDATE: To check out up-to-the-minute free agency moves, go to’s Free Agency Tracker.

So Far, So Good?

March 3, 2008

Bears logo 

So the first wave of NFL free agency is over. Teams that have immediately made their mark, for better or worse, include Cleveland (re-signing Derek Anderson and Jamal Lewis, the additions of Donte Stallworth and Corey Williams); Philadelphia (signing of Asante Samuel and the acquisition of Chris Clemons); and New Orleans (signing of Randall Gay, re-signing of Devery Henderson and Mark Simeneau, and the trade for Jonathan Vilma). Other big additions included Alan Faneca going to the NY Jets, DeShaun Foster headed to San Francisco, Kawika Mitchell going to Buffalo, and the Jacksonville Jaguars re-igniting their passing attack with Cleo Lemon, Troy Williamson and Jerry Porter!!! *(*–Now Watch Me Jock does not guarantee said re-ignition.) 

But what about the Bears?

Honestly, I’m guardedly optimistic about what they have done so far. This isn’t to say that I’m pleased about where they stand at the moment; Mark Bradley does not foster giddyness in a season ticket holder as a team’s number 1 option at receiver. Neither does having 3/5 of an offensive line. But if you take a look at the moves the Bears have made thus far, things could be worse. Seriously.

Bernard Berrian, WR: Signed with Minnesota for 6 years, $42 million. While the Bears receiving corps is presently in shambles, I wouldn’t have wanted Berrian for this money. He’s a solid receiver, and maybe he will be a number 1 option in the future. And the fact that he’s going to a division rival doesn’t thrill me. But then again, its not like I’ll be worried about Berrian twice a year. There is already another guy on that offense that has my undivided attention, and its not Tarvaris Jackson. But that $7 million a year, including $16 million guaranteed, would be better used to sign a less expensive free agent receiver and/or re-signing guys on the defense like Brian Urlacher later this year or Tommie Harris next year.

Lance Briggs

Lance Briggs, LB: Re-signed with Bears, 6 years for $36 million. This is a steal. Briggs was the best player on the defense for some of last year, and while he might not be as great as he thinks he is, when healthy he is the perfect outside linebacker in the Bears’ Cover 2 scheme. And the fact that the Bears got Briggs for only $6 million a year with a relatively paltry $12 million up front shows that the linebacker knows he is best in the scheme, next to #54 and behind a top-five defensive tackle like Harris. With this surprise re-signing, the Bears know that at least its defensive front seven will be decent if healthy.

Muhsin Muhammed, WR: Signs with Carolina after being released by Bears. I would of driven Moose to the airport and carried his luggage to security. The guy came to Chicago after a ridiculous 2004 in which he accounted for over 1400 yards and 16 TD, signing a lucrative free agent deal to become the playmaker the Bears needed on offense. During training camp that year, he spoke to the local media at length about being the leader and big play maker the offense has needed since……shit, I don’t know……Walter? Neal Anderson? In three seasons, Muhammed accounted for 164 catches and 2183 yards with a grand total of 12 touchdowns. Sure, his quarterbacks weren’t great, but by the middle of his second season in Chicago, it became painfully aware that Moose had shot his wad in 2004 and now was nothing better than a 2 or 3, possession-type wideout. Also, his claim to be a leader was nothing but bullshit, as he consistently threw his quarterback–whether it be Rex Grossman or Kyle Orton or Brian Griese–under the bus during and after games. Good riddance, Moose.

Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton, QB: Re-signed to one year contract extensions. Obviously, the knee-jerk reaction, especially nationwide, was one of surprise that the Bears would re-sign these two, especially Grossman. But if you look at things objectively–instead of taking the easy way out and blaming everything on the quarterback–you’ll notice that both of these quarterbacks are good enough to compete if the team surrounding them is strong. Its true that I am a Rex backer, but to be honest, I would rather see Orton win this job out of training camp this year. I think Orton has showed to be less mistake-prone in his starts, and while Grossman’s ceiling is higher, I think Orton is a better fit for this team. Especially now, with the lack of offensive punch on this roster. Another reason these were good signings is that there were no better options. Unless the Bears were going to make a ridiculous offer to Derek Anderson, what free agent quarterback that is/was available is far and away better than these two? Todd Collins? Cleo Lemon? No. Better to just stick it out with these two, release or trade Griese, and see what happens in 2008.

Alex Brown, DE: Re-signed to 2-year deal. I love this move, as Brown solidified himself as the better all-around defensive end when compared to Mark Anderson, the second-year man who took his job in 2007. Its obvious that a 3-man rotation at defensive end, with Anderson playing primarily in passing situations, is the way to go.

Javon Walker 

So what do the Bears still need to do? Its obvious they need a free-agent wide receiver. Bradley and Devin Hester are third and fourth options, at best, on a decent offense. Javon Walker is looking for a new home and should be affordable considering he is coming off two injury-plagued, subpar seasons. Bryant Johnson has spent his first three seasons as the third receiver in Arizona, working the slot behind Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. Is he ready to be a primary target? Probably not, but he’s a sight better than Bradley. Other free agent options include DJ Hackett, Marty Booker, Brandon Lloyd, Justin McCareins, and Nate Washington (forget about Randy Moss, people). At least one, if not two or three, of the guys mentioned in this section better have a Bears jersey on in 2008, or its going to be an ugly season.

The two areas I expect to be addressed in the draft are offensive line and running back. Unless one of the big three running backs (Darren McFadden, Rashard Mendenhall, Jonathan Stewart) fall to the Bears at #14, expect the team to go with an offensive tackle. As long as the Bears go with an offensive lineman or two (or three) in the draft, along with a running back somewhere and perhaps a signal caller on the second day, the team is in about as good of a position as it can be.

Its probably going to be an ugly season, but try to seperate the dispair you feel when looking at the team as currently constructed and the feeling when looking at the moves the team has made thus far. Like I said, so far so good.

What to Watch This Weekend

February 29, 2008

Scarlett kneeling

Well, we’re getting closer to the time of year when sports fans come out of their hibernation and realize that the NBA is heating up, college hoops is in full swing, NFL free agency is at its peak, and baseball is starting. Here are the things I’m going to be watching this weekend:

College Basketball: All in all, a pretty shitty weekend for college hoops. On Saturday, there are two games which jump out–Washington State at Stanford and Georgetown at Marquette. Out of those four teams, I could see Georgetown doing something in March. Although Stanford is 8th in the country and playing in a competitive Pac-10, I don’t see the Cardinal making a run deep into the tourney. On Sunday, the Pac-10 is again highlighted as number 4 UCLA travels to Arizona to play the Wildcats. Arizona is a team on the bubble who just got spanked by USC and is dangerously close to falling out of tournament consideration. A win against the Bruins would put them right back in the race for a spot. And, if like me you are constantly subjected to Big Ten basketball, Indiana travels to Michigan State. If either team breaks 60, expect confetti to fall from the rafters and Spartan cheerleaders to service the student section in excitement.

NBA: My hard-on for the Western Conference continues tonight as Utah goes to New Orleans to play the Hornets. Deron Williams looks to beat Chris Paul in a battle of the two best point guards in the league (yeah, that includes you, Nash). Also, the Lakers play Portland and the hard-charging shitty Bulls host Washington. And while Saturday’s schedule is pretty barren, Sunday is chock full of excitement. The previously mentioned Bulls go to Cleveland and I get to watch LeBron, as well as fuckface Ben Wallace and one of the top teams in the East. The second game of the doubleheader is my highlight of the weekend, unless the Bears sign someone of significance (which is highly fucking unlikely): Dallas at LA Lakers. Watching the Lakers right now is really, really fun. The addition of Pau Gasol has taken the team from a 4-6 seed to the team to beat, and the team’s offense is really, really pretty to watch. When Andrew Bynum comes back, the Lakers could run right through the toughest West in history. And if that wasn’t enough, Denver goes to Houston at night as the Rockets look to become the 28th straight team to make Denver’s ‘defense’ look shitty.

NFL free agency: Nothing really to report here. Its always fun to see where the true impact players wind up, and this year’s crop in that category include some players that I would love for the Bears to get, like Michael Turner, Marion Barber, Randy Moss, Dante Stallworth, and Alan Faneca . Unfortunately, none of that is realistic. I don’t even know if I would want Moss; I don’t think he’d be particularly happy here and we’d just end up with the Oakland version of Moss, not the version which showed up for most of 2007. Outside of my hatred for where my hometown Bears seem to be headed, it looks like Dallas is the most interesting team of the off-season. From rumors that they will look to deal Barber and draft Darren McFadden to recent rumblings that they are going to target Moss, the Cowboys will be fun to watch. Other very recent moves include Jonathan Vilma being traded to the Saints, Kris Jenkins going to the Jets, and Corey Williams headed to Cleveland.

Outside of sports, it seems that ‘Semi-Pro’ is opening this week. I’ll end up seeing it because ‘Anchorman’ is the funniest movie of all time, and now I am relegated to see every piece of shit Will Ferrell does because of the off-chance that it will measure up. But I won’t see it on opening weekend with all the retards and children, and I’ll go to a matinee instead of a prime-time show. Yeah, I saved 3 dollars…..suck on that, Ferrell!!!

PS–The picture is only up there because ScarJo has a movie coming out today too. I won’t see it in a million years, but I will support her by posting a pic of her on my blog.

Key 2008 Free Agents

February 28, 2008

Randy Moss

In no particular order:

– Randy Moss, Unrestricted Free Agent, WR, Patriots

– Asante Samuel, Unrestricted Free Agent, CB, Patriots

– Marion Barber, Restricted Free Agent, RB, Cowboys

– Julius Jones, Unrestricted Free Agent, RB, Cowboys

– Derek Anderson, Restricted Free Agent, QB, Browns

– Daunte Culpepper, Unrestricted Free Agent, QB, Raiders

– Michael Turner, Unrestricted Free Agent, RB, Chargers

– Jerry Porter, Unrestricted Free Agent, WR, Raiders

– Alan Faneca, Unrestricted Free Agent, T, Steelers

– Bernard Berrian, Unrestricted Free Agent, WR, Bears

– Alge Crumpler, Unrestricted Free Agent, CB, Falcons

– Donte Stallworth, Unrestricted Free Agent, WR, Patriots

– Bryant Johnson, Unrestricted Free Agent, WR, Cardinals

– Todd Collins, Unrestricted Free Agent, QB, Redskins

– Junior Seau, Unrestricted Free Agent, LB, Patriots

– D.J. Hackett, Unrestricted Free Agent, WR, Seahawks

– Marty Booker, Unrestricted Free Agent, WR, Dolphins

– Lance Briggs, Unrestricted Free Agent, LB, Bears

– Trent Green, Restricted Free Agent, QB, Dolphins

– Byron Leftwich, Unrestricted Free Agent, QB, Falcons

– Derrick Ward, Unrestricted Free Agent, RB, Giants

– Jesse Chatman, Unrestricted Free Agent, RB, Dolphins

My thoughts: Lots of old QB’s. Who’s Dallas going to sign at RB (should be Barber)? I like Derrick Ward and Michael Turner. Lots of RB’s who filled in for injured stars very nicely. The Patriots have alot of signing to do. Lots of old WR’s. Who wants to play for the Raiders or Dolphins anyways? Briggs and others will get their paydays.

Comments, anyone?

How did the combine go for the Bears, you ask?

February 26, 2008

Cameron Worrell and Devin Hester

David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune wrote an interesting column today featuring questions he has since this past weekend at the combine. The obvious questions are about why the Bears are waffling between two quarterbacks that they aren’t too sure about and why either wouldn’t test the free agency waters. We all know they want competition at that position, but we’ll have to wait and see how well these two QB’s actually compete come September. Alan Faneca’s name has been thrown around alot, leading people to wonder how well the tandem of himself and Olin Kreutz would be next year. However there are major concerns that the Bears will really go after Faneca and another free agent like Michael Turner, with both New Orleans and Carolina looking closely at him as well. (Ummm no faith in Reggie as a full-time back then, huh, N.O.?)

There is also the obvious issue of Berrian, Briggs, and Ayanbadejo and the offers the Bears have made to them. I like Briggs, but he’s definitely looking for his pay day, as well he should. And Berrian would need to have a monster season this year no matter who’s under center to make it worth it to me. I also like Ayanbadejo, but we always have a new standout player on special teams each year (Cameron Worrell, anyone?), so why throw money at him when you clearly have other major areas that need fixing?

SIDE NOTE: Four degrees of separation: The Bears should have grabbed slot receiver Wes Welker because I think he’d be perfect in this offense, who came from the atrocious Miama Dolphins, who acquired Cameron Worrell from us, who I also liked on special teams when he was here, so I wonder when the Bears are going to get a great player from the Patriots to complete the circle of life?I don’t really care if they drop Griese because either Grossman has an amazing year or Orton has a decent year, passing for 100 yards and maybe a TD every game. Griese isn’t the answer and he didn’t play better than Grossman or Orton down the stretch. Who cares who he pissed off. He’s lucky to still be playing.

I’m going to have to say that again, we need to fix the O Line and running game to have a chance at a semi-productive offense, as well as bring back a healthy defensive unit that showed up towards the end of the season. If Glenn Dorsey’s tibia holds him to #14 in the draft, I’m not sure if we should draft him and take a chance like we did with Tommie Harris. If there is a potential O Line improvement when we get there, then I say we take a show there. This team has enough injury problems to worry about, although it is a tempting offer if he does drop that far in the draft.

Lastly, Urlacher showed up at the end of the season and he’s addressing his neck and back concerns in the offseason. The guy has consistently put up numbers since he’s been here and he’s the team’s leader, so whether you like him or not, let’s hope he comes back and has some games like he did late in 2007. We need him on the field and healthy. Let’s also hope Mike Brown can get a full season out of himself if for nothing else than to be a cheerleader for the defense. He’s great on the field but he’s about as durable as the condoms HHY used in college. It wasn’t a “comfortable” junior year for him, believe you me.