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Friday Hot Chick

February 8, 2008

I’m gonna go with Rachel Bilson this week. Rachel was on ‘The O.C.’ I never watched that show when it was on, but in the last year or so I’ve caught some of the reruns on the weekends on some Soap Opera channel (I like to watch the old 90210s from back in the day). Basically, ‘The O.C’ is a 2000s version of 90210, including the bad boy outsider who surfs and has issues and a heart of gold (Dylan McKay/Ryan).

Anyway, everyone who watched that show made such a big deal about Micha Barton, but I never got it. She’s OK, I guess. But Rachel was the hot one, in my opinion. I then saw her in ‘The Last Kiss’, an absolutely brutal movie with J.D. from ‘Scrubs’ and the chick from ‘Real World.’ It was then that I decided that Rachel would be this week’s hot chick.

My brother wanted this week’s FHC to be Olivia Munn, but as the big brother, it is my job to ruin his hopes and dreams, no matter how small or insignificant. Mission accomplished, again.

**–Its like a sauna in here.
**–She’s almost too pretty to be a FHC.
**–She’s very aware of her sex appeal, apparently.
**–Don’t jump!
**–She looks like a sexy gypsy.
**–Thanks Fox.