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You Lucky Bastard

February 15, 2008

Will Ferrell and Heidi Klum

Since I don’t have anything to post about sports this week, I figured I’d give you THIS LINK to all the pictures from this wonderful promo shoot for “Semi-Pro”. I think the movie is really getting hyped up and will probably (but let’s hope not) disappoint. We’ll just have to wait and see.

When Will was asked to comment on what his wife thinks of shooting photos like this, he responded “Who?” and then continued to bite Heidi’s ass with enthusiasm and gusto. That’s why this guy is so good. He takes pride in his work. Take note, people.

Fucking a….I’m bored

February 12, 2008

So, since the Super Bowl on February 3, I haven’t watched much sports. Outside of the Pro Bowl and a few decent NBA and college basketball games, there hasn’t been much on. I’m not a hockey guy, and while the sliced neck of a Richard Zednik was pretty grizzly and interesting, its not enough to get me to watch the fucking Blackhawks.

In the past, when I haven’t written anything in a few days, I have found that a solid way to push through a barren period for ideas is to just post pictures of hot women. Who doesn’t like hot women? Even heterosexual women like looking at a picture of a hot woman, if only for the opportunity to rip her apart. “Oh, look at her ankles” or “She’s only pretty because she has a team of makeup people working on her.” Yes, thats why Marisa Miller (NSFW) is hot. The makeup.

So, it was announced yesterday that our dear Ms. Marisa was honored with the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. And, by today, every picture from said issue was plastered all over the internet, meaning that no one between the ages of 12 and 50 with a brain will pay for the damn thing. (I love the interwebs and the Ebays). And I made a discovery: Brooklyn Decker.

So, a special Wednesday Hot Chick, with the newly-discovered (by me) Brooklyn:

*–Your shorts are falling down, sweetie.
*–She’s giving me attitude, here.
*–Here she is with Marisa and…..what? Seriously?