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Sorry everyone

April 25, 2008

Both myself (HHY) and Phatty have hid snags in our respective careers, thus causing us to dedicate more time to our actual work. We will attempt to get back to writing (badly) about sports and posting pictures of hot women as soon as possible.

Unless someone out there wants to pay us for doing this. Then we are all ears.

You Lucky Bastard

February 15, 2008

Will Ferrell and Heidi Klum

Since I don’t have anything to post about sports this week, I figured I’d give you THIS LINK to all the pictures from this wonderful promo shoot for “Semi-Pro”. I think the movie is really getting hyped up and will probably (but let’s hope not) disappoint. We’ll just have to wait and see.

When Will was asked to comment on what his wife thinks of shooting photos like this, he responded “Who?” and then continued to bite Heidi’s ass with enthusiasm and gusto. That’s why this guy is so good. He takes pride in his work. Take note, people.

She’s Better Than Me

February 13, 2008


There’s something alarming about a high school girl who wears size 18 shoes and can dunk on people like that. And yes I did say girl. Makes me think there’s something in the water. Or maybe athletes really do use steriods and other performance enhacing drugs.

God knows HHY uses them in the bedroom.

(Thanks for the linkage, Matt).

Dude’s a genius

January 24, 2008

In the sports blogging world, there isn’t a better writer than Big Daddy Drew. He’s filthy, smart, funny, and honest, and although the great majority of his posts on Kissing Suzy Kolber and Deadspin are about as shallow as it gets, they’re fantastically funny. (‘Fantastically funny’? Take it easy, Gene Shalit).

However, this week BDD’s weekly entry on Deadspin is really well done. Every Thursday during the NFL season, Big Daddy Drew writes the Thursday NFL Dick Joke Jambaroo (or something like that). This week he writes about the difference between sports journalists in the print media and bloggers, and why ‘respected’ writers should just shut the hell up when complaining about blogs.

If you’re a fan of blogs, or write a blog, or even just like reading….click on this link and read this week’s jambaroo. And then go back in the Deadspin archives and read as many of the past Jambaroos as you can. You will not be disappointed.

week 2 – everyone is on steroids

September 16, 2007

season to date – 10-6

straight pick ’em – no spreads


Friday’s Hot Chick

September 14, 2007

Austrailia’s Emily Scott

Lord help me

HHY’s Week 2 Picks

September 13, 2007

Season: 7-8-1 overall, 1-2 best bets

Atlanta (+11) over Jacksonville   won

Pittsburgh (-10) over Buffalo   won

Cincinnati (-7) over Cleveland   loss

Green Bay (pk) over NY Giants   won

Houston (+7) over Carolina   won

Tennessee (+7.5) over Indianapolis   won

New Orleans (-3) over Tampa Bay   loss

St. Louis (-3) over San Francisco   loss

Dallas (-3.5) over Miami   won

Minnesota (+3) over Detroit  tie

Seattle (-3) over Arizona  loss

Chicago (-13) over Kansas City   loss

Baltimore (-10.5) over NY Jets   loss

Denver (-10) over Oakland   loss

San Diego (+3.5) over New England  loss

Philadelphia (-7) over Washington   loss

Best bets: 1. New Orleans, 2. Denver, 3. Houston   1-2