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Mariotti Comes Through

September 12, 2007

I wrote yesterday that after Ozzie Guillen signed an extension through 2012, I was sure that Jay Mariotti would write his column today blasting the move, the manager, and the White Sox organization.

And he did.

Honestly, I expected better from Mariotti. Usually his columns on all subjects really get to me, and that is why he’s such a terrific columnist. (more…)

Someone who knows more about football than anyone

September 11, 2007

Kige Ramsey went undefeated this weekend

Week 1 picks

September 5, 2007

New Orleans (+6) over Indianapolis       loss

Atlanta (+3) over Minnesota       loss

St. Louis (-1) over Carolina     loss

Denver (-3) over Buffalo    loss

Houston (-3) over Kansas City   win

Washington (-2.5) over Miami    win

NY Jets (+6.5) over New England  loss

Philadelphia (-3) over Green Bay   loss

Pittsburgh (-4.5) over Cleveland     win

Tennessee (+6.5) over Jacksonville     win

Chicago (+6) over San Diego   loss

Detroit (+1.5) over Oakland    win

Seattle (-6) over Tampa Bay   win

Dallas (-6) over NY Giants   win

Baltimore (+2.5) over Cincinnati   loss

Arizona (+3) over San Francisco  push

Best Bets: 1) Philadelphia; 2) Denver; 3) Seattle   1-2

Overall: 7-8-1  Best bets: 1-2

We’ll keep a running tab this year and see how far under .500 I am, and see how my best bets do.

Because this site is written by a White Sox fan and a Cardinals fan

September 5, 2007

World Series Rings from the decade

Of course

September 1, 2007

From this week’s Big Ten preview: “I see Michigan running the table and, depending on the silly BCS, possibly playing for the National Championship this year.”

Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32. I’m gonna go ahead and shut up now. Congrats to App State for the biggest upset in college football history.


August 30, 2007

Personally, I would of had Tecmo way higher on the list

if it’s brown – flush it down! No! No! let’s sell it on the internet!

August 29, 2007

Who’s poop do you want to buy? Burt Reynolds, Jack Black, Mike Tyson or my personal favorite Mick Foley. (more…)