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Daily White Sox Review

April 3, 2008


April 3: White Sox 2, Cleveland 1

The Good: Pitching, pitching, pitching. Jon Danks threw a solid game, going 6.2 and allowing just one run. Dotel came on to get the Sox out of a jam in the 7th, Scott Linebrink pitched a perfect 8th, and Bobby Jenks locked it down for the save. Offensively, the Sox lived by the long ball with home runs in the Juan Uribe (who avoids my wrath for a day) in the 6th and Mr. Clutch, Joe Crede in the 8th. Sox get their first win and I can avoid wasting the rest of the day at work wondering why the hell I feel like this team is going to suck just because they got swept right off the bat.

The Bad: Well, outside of those two homers, the offense was pretty dead. But a lot of that had to do with Jake Westbrook, who many say is going to have a breakout year. The outfield defense was a problem for the second game in a row, as Jermaine Dye looks like a DH playing right field. Carlos Quentin got his first action of the season and promptly went 0-for-4.

Final thought: Winner, winner, chicken dinner. So things could be worse. 1-2 going into Detroit looks a lot better than 0-3. It should be an interesting series, especially with Contreras facing a struggling Tiger offense tomorrow. Also, enjoy one of my new favorites in the adult industry–Bree Olson–in the banner pic and here (very NSFW). Searching for her at work might get me fired.

Daily White Sox Review

April 3, 2008


April 2: Cleveland 7, White Sox 2
The Good: Uh……not a whole lot. A.J. hit a home run. Crede had a RBI single. Orlando Cabrera got on base three times. Also, no one got injured.

The Bad: All right, this might take a minute. First off, Javy had one of those games where his pitches move too much and he can’t put anyone away. It seemed like he went 3-2 on every hitter; he was way too “pitchy”, trying to perfectly hit his spots. In the second inning, with the game still scoreless and two men on for Cleveland and two out, Vazquez had Kelly Shoppach down 1-2 and eventually walked him, including throwing a 3-2 breaking ball. That loaded the bases for Grady Sizemore, and whenever Sizemore is up in a run-scoring situation against the Sox, it is a law that he produces. This time, he drilled a 2-run single and the Sox were never close in the game again. The Sox had one more chance to make it a game, but Jermaine Dye struck out with the bases loaded in the 8th. Oh, and to add insult to injury, Ozzie gave Mike MacDougal a chance to work with nothing really on the line, and he promptly gave up two runs in two innings of work. He really, really sucks.

Final thought: Well, its discouraging that in the first two games of the season the Sox have allowed 17 runs, especially with the two guys we are supposed to be counting on starting on the mound. Today’s John Danks-Jake Westbrook matchup doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the avoidance of a sweep, but who knows?

Daily White Sox Review

April 1, 2008


I’m going to try to write a little something for each and every White Sox game the next day; this is probably impossible, especially on the weekends. Also, if the Sox suck, I reserve the right to quit this exercise as soon as possible. But I’m going to try, and I will also see if I can include a banner pic to grab your attention.

March 31, 2008–Cleveland 10, White Sox 8
The Good: Well, Jim Thome hit two home runs, so thats good. The Sox came back from a 7-2 deficit and might have taken the lead were it not for two, possibly three, horrible calls by the umpires during the game, highlighted by a call in the 7th inning at home plate which I thought was going to kill Hawk Harrelson. So unlike last year, at least this team shows signs of not automatically quitting after down early. Nick Massett did well in long relief.

The Bad: Mark Buehrle gave up 7 runs in just over an inning, so his ERA is pretty high at this point. Juan Uribe fucked up a double play at second base in the Indians’ huge second inning which might have ended their threat. Uribe stayed consistent in his pursuit of becoming the first White Sox player assassinated during a home game by also striking out three times. Perhaps the most disappointing was the craptacular performance by Octavio Dotel, the Sox supposed 7th or 8th inning guy this year. He gave up three runs, took the loss, and looked very, very hittable.

Final thought: Eh, what are you gonna do? Sure, it would have been better if they pulled it out, but at least the season has started. If this game happens in August during a tight pennant race, I might write 20,000 words on it.