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Daily White Sox Review

April 3, 2008


April 2: Cleveland 7, White Sox 2
The Good: Uh……not a whole lot. A.J. hit a home run. Crede had a RBI single. Orlando Cabrera got on base three times. Also, no one got injured.

The Bad: All right, this might take a minute. First off, Javy had one of those games where his pitches move too much and he can’t put anyone away. It seemed like he went 3-2 on every hitter; he was way too “pitchy”, trying to perfectly hit his spots. In the second inning, with the game still scoreless and two men on for Cleveland and two out, Vazquez had Kelly Shoppach down 1-2 and eventually walked him, including throwing a 3-2 breaking ball. That loaded the bases for Grady Sizemore, and whenever Sizemore is up in a run-scoring situation against the Sox, it is a law that he produces. This time, he drilled a 2-run single and the Sox were never close in the game again. The Sox had one more chance to make it a game, but Jermaine Dye struck out with the bases loaded in the 8th. Oh, and to add insult to injury, Ozzie gave Mike MacDougal a chance to work with nothing really on the line, and he promptly gave up two runs in two innings of work. He really, really sucks.

Final thought: Well, its discouraging that in the first two games of the season the Sox have allowed 17 runs, especially with the two guys we are supposed to be counting on starting on the mound. Today’s John Danks-Jake Westbrook matchup doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the avoidance of a sweep, but who knows?