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Friday Hot Chick

February 29, 2008

My blog partner suggested Susannah Murray, a cast member of the Austrailian version of Big Brother. While Susannah is definitely hot, there is really only a few pictures of her available. You can see those pics at Horny Oyster.

So, to celebrate her recent release from rehab, I have decided to go with Eva Mendes. I put Eva in my top 20 a few months ago, and while I think Roselyn Sanchez, Sofia Vergara, and Mayra Veronica are hotter, Eva is plenty good enough for the FHC.

**–Theres a hole in your shirt, Eva.
**–No words.
**–This picture hurts my neck.
**–Hi sweetie.
**–Hot?…..yes. But Hitch sucked ass.
**–And a NSFW screen cap from a good movie, Training Day.

As always, if you have a suggestion for FHC, throw them at me. If the suggestion doesn’t suck and there are enough pictures out there of the lady, I’ll use the nomination.