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Holy Shit….These Guys Are REALLY Done

March 4, 2008


So, I was listening to sports talk radio today, and my favorite afternoon team–Dan Bernstein and Terry Boers on WSCR 670 ‘The Score’–were discussing the Bulls’ inability to win three games in a row. They were looking over the Bulls’ remaining schedule to determine if it was going to happen in the final two months.

Folks, not only will this piece of shit team not win three in a row, they might struggle to win three total. OK, thats a bit of hyperbole, but check out this remaining schedule:

Memphis, Cleveland, at Boston, at Detroit, Utah, Philadelphia, at New Orleans, New Jersey, San Antonio, Indiana, Atlanta, at Philadelphia, at Atlanta, Milwaukee, Boston, at Cleveland, Washington, at Miami, at Orlando, Cleveland, Orlando, at Milwaukee, Toronto.

I knew this team wasn’t a contender; that was apparent by the end of November. But as a season ticket holder, I held out hope of a late run, resulting in the 7 or 8 seed and perhaps an entertaining playoff series against Boston or Detroit, in which the Bulls managed a win or two. But look at that schedule. There’s no way. Lets analyze this:

– Here are the “definite” wins (by no means are any of these wins guaranteed by NWMJ; however, I would be surprised if the Bulls didn’t beat these teams): Memphis, Indiana, Milwaukee, at Miami. So that is four wins.

– Here are the games they could win, but by no means do I expect the Bulls to prevail: Philadelphia, New Jersey, Atlanta, at Philadelphia, at Atlanta, Washington. There’s six games that the Bulls ‘could’ win, but will probably go 3-3 in (or worse).

– And here are the games that if the Bulls win, I’ll be shocked: Cleveland, at Boston, at Detroit, Utah, at New Orleans, San Antonio, Boston, at Cleveland, at Orlando, Cleveland, Orlando, and Toronto. Lets say that out of those 12 games, the Bulls miracously pull out 3. And thats stretching it, my friends.

So looking at this optimistically, the Bulls will garner another 10 wins. That will put the squad at 33-49, and even that is not good enough to make the 8 seed in the East.