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HHY WILD card round picks

January 3, 2008

Season: 120-125-11

Seattle (-4) vs. Washington: I really hate this game. Part of me wants to take Seattle because they are so tough at home, they’re rested, and there is no way I should bet on Todd Collins on the road in the postseason. On the other hand, the Redskins might be the hottest team in the NFL and have the whole Sean Taylor thing going on. In the end, I’ll take the cowards way out: choose Seattle to win the game but not cover the spread. I think Hassellbeck will do just enough to win this game despite having no help from the running game. Seattle 20, Washington 17.

Jacksonville (Pk) vs. Pittsburgh: It scares me that everyone is so sure of next week’s great New England-Jacksonville matchup. I know the Jags are one of the best teams in the league and are “made for January football”, but this is still the Steelers at home in the postseason. The injury to Willie Parker is not quite as huge in this game, I think, because the Jags stop the run really well and the Steelers would have used the pass anyway. Big Ben is having a terrific year, and I think he leads the Steelers to a rare surprising home win. Pittsburgh 24, Jacksonville 20.

Tampa Bay (-2.5) vs. NY Giants: I was really close to taking the Giants here. Eli looked awesome last week and always plays better on the road. Plaxico is running as well as he did in Week 1. Brandon Jacobs is strong. The Giants’ pass rush is fantastic. But Jon Gruden has been resting his regulars and preparing for the Giants for three weeks. Gruden against Tom Coughlin? Please. I also love Jeff Garcia and Earnest Graham. Finally, I think this may be the first time in NFL history that a team has a letdown for its first playoff game after a Week 17 battle. Tampa Bay 27, NY Giants 13.

San Diego (-9.5) vs Tennessee: This game makes me nauseus. If you have read my NFL reviews of each week, you know my disdain for the Titans. They are so fucking boring its ridiculous. But, I do get to watch LT here. As much as I hate to watch the Titans, I love Jeff Fisher and I think they are a great bet this week. The Titans are strong against the run, and if they can shut down LT and make Philip Rivers beat them, they have a chance to pull a huge upset. Plus, the Chargers are coached by Norv. However, I think this will be that late Sunday game that makes you sleepy, with very low scoring and some bad, bad quarterback play. San Diego 16, Tennessee 13.

HHY picks, week 17

December 27, 2007

Since this week’s games is a complete pile of shit, I’m really glad I’ll be extending the picks section to the playoffs. 

Season: 113-116-11

New England (-14.5) over NY Giants
San Francisco (+11.5) over Cleveland
Miami (+3) over Cincinnati
Seattle (+2) over Atlanta
Green Bay (-3) over Detroit
Buffalo (+7.5) over Philadelphia
Carolina (-3) over Tampa Bay
Houston (-6.5) over Jacksonville
New Orleans (-3) over Chicago
Washington (-8) over Dallas
Kansas City (+6.5) over NY Jets
Minnesota (-3) over Denver
Pittsburgh (-3.5) over Baltimore
San Diego (-8) over Oakland
St. Louis (+6) over Arizona
Tennessee (-4) over Indianapolis

HHY Week 15 picks

December 12, 2007

Season: 98-99-11

Denver (Pk) over Houston
Tennessee (-4) over Kansas City
Cincinnati (-8) over San Francisco
Tampa Bay (-13.5) over Atlanta
Seattle (-7.5) over Carolina
Green Bay (-10) over St. Louis
Baltimore (-3.5) over Miami
New England (-23.5) over NY Jets
Arizona (+3.5) over New Orleans
Jacksonville (+3.5) over Pittsburgh
Indianapolis (-10.5) over Oakland
San Diego (-10) over Detroit
Philadelphia (+10.5) over Dallas
NY Giants (-4.5) over Washington
Chicago (+10) over Minnesota

HHY Week 14 picks

December 6, 2007

I’ve had three straight poor weeks, dipping me below .500 for the first time.

Season: 89-92-11

Chicago (+3) over Washington
Dallas (-10.5) over Detroit
Jacksonville (-10.5) over Carolina
San Diego (pk) over Tennessee
Green Bay (-10) over Oakland
NY Giants (+3) over Philadelphia
Cincinnati (-6) over St. Louis
Tampa Bay (-3) over Houston
Buffalo (-7) over Miami
Minnesota (-7) over San Francisco
Arizona (+6.5) over Seattle
Cleveland (-3.5) over NY Jets
Kansas City (+6.5) over Denver
Pittsburgh (+13) over New England
Indianapolis (-9.5) over Baltimore
Atlanta (+5) over New Orleans

hhy’s week 13 picks

November 29, 2007

I’m just holding on to .500 after a tough 6-10 week.

Season: 83-82-11

Dallas (-6.5) over Green Bay
Kansas City (+3) over San Diego
San Francisco (+3) over Carolina
Miami (-2) over NY Jets
Washington (-5) over Buffalo
Atlanta (+4) over St. Louis
Houston (+3.5) over Tennessee
Philadelphia (-3) over Seattle
Minnesota (-3) over Detroit
Jacksonville (+7) over Indianapolis
Oakland (+3) over Denver
Cleveland (+1) over Arizona
Tampa Bay (+3) over New Orleans
NY Giants (-1) over Chicago
Cincinnati (+8.5) over Pittsburgh
New England (-20) over Baltimore

There might be a couple pushes this week; a lot of 3-5 point spreads.

Week 12 picks for HHY

November 20, 2007

Season: 77-72-11

Green Bay (-3) over Detroit
Dallas (-14) over NY Jets
Atlanta (+12) over Indianapolis
Buffalo (+7.5) over Jacksonville
Houston (+3.5) over Cleveland
NY Giants (-7.5) over Minnesota
Carolina (+3) over New Orleans
Kansas City (-5.5) over Oakland
Seattle (-3) over St. Louis
Tennessee (-4) over Cincinnati
Tampa Bay (-3) over Washington
Arizona (-10.5) over San Francisco
Chicago (-2) over Denver
Baltimore (+9.5) over San Diego
New England (-22) over Philadelphia
Miami (+16) over Pittsburgh

HHY’s Week 11 picks

November 14, 2007

I’m putting these up a day early since I’ll be away from a computer for most of the remainder of the week. However, Friday’s hot chick will be put up tomorrow.

After two straight sub-.500 weeks, I’m looking to make mad moves this week. Nothing less than 10 covers.

Season: 69-65-10

Arizona (+3) over Cincinnati
Green Bay (-9.5) over Carolina
Cleveland (-2.5) over Baltimore
Indianapolis (-14.5) over Kansas City
Philadelphia (-10) over Miami
New Orleans (pk) over Houston
Oakland (+5.5) over Minnesota
San Diego (+3) over Jacksonville
Tampa Bay (-3) over Atlanta
Detroit (+3) over NY Giants
Pittsburgh (-9.5) over NY Jets
Washington (+11.5) over Dallas
St. Louis (-2.5) over San Francisco
Seattle (-6) over Chicago
New England (-15.5) over Buffalo
Tennessee (+2.5) over Denver